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What's New in Helix Maintenance Manager 1.0.5

Helix Maintenance Manager 1.0.5 is a minor bug fix and enhancement release. HMM 1.0.5 address problems that were discovered after (or introduced by) the release of HMM 1.0.4.

Both Helix Maintenance Manager itself and HMM Scheduler are Universal applications.

Note: Plans created or modified with HMM 1.0.2 or earlier are not compatible with HMM 1.0.5. Your plans will be automatically updated when you launch HMM 1.0.5, so be sure to back up your existing plans before updating if you think you may wish to revert to HMM 1.0.2. You can back up your plans by making a copy of the MaintenanceManager folder (found in the Helix Folder in the Application Support folder of your Library folder).

Changes & Bug Fixes

Helix Maintenance Manager

  • macOS 10.5 (Leopard) support.
  • Fixed an AppleScript error that occurred after the demo version has expired.
  • Fixed a bug where Helix Maintenance Manager would quit before had finished sending the notification.
  • The Log On Pass option for Update Collection is now respected.

Helix Scheduler

  • Scheduler can now open more than one Info window at the same time.
  • Improved Scheduler to Helix Maintenance Manager communications.
  • Miscellaneous code and test improvements for Scheduler.
Manual Updates
  • Section 6-4 clarifies how Quit Helix Before Checking setting interacts with connected clients.
  • Appendix D clarifies the Show HMM Plans for the Next Scheduler setting.
  • Appendix D removes references to the non-existent Save And Close button in the Scheduler preferences window.