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Setting up for use with HMM

Helix Maintenance Manager (HMM) includes an option to send email in response to the success or failure of a Plan. This technote contains tips for setting up Mail to work with HMM.

Note: The name of Apple's email program, Mail, is so generic as to cause confusion at times. We typically refer to it as to resolve the ambiguity, but in this technote, all references to Mail can be interpreted as applying only to Apple's email application.

This note will be expanded as questions are brought to our attention.

Avoid Downloading Mail

Question: I would like to have my server email me with HMM results but I don't want Apple Mail to download any mail or change my email account in any way when it launches to send the email.

Answer: In Mail, Open Mail -> Preferences and click on the General icon. Change "Check for new mail" to "Manually." For a second safeguard, switch to the Accounts icon, select your email account, go to the Advanced tab, and deselect the "Include this account when automtically checking for new mail" option. Both of these options cause Mail to only retrieve mail when you explicitly click "Get New Mail" (which won't happen on an unattended server). Either of these changes is sufficient; making both is insurance.

Additionally, setting up Mail to access your account via IMAP avoids the possibility of email being downloaded to that machine entirely.