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HMM Error: Can not save a new Plan in macOS 10.6

When running in macOS 10.6, Helix Maintenance Manager allows you to walk through the steps of creating a new plan, but returns an error when you attempt to save it.


Helix Maintenance Manager is unable to save new Plans when running in macOS 10.6, but is able to edit existing Plans. By manually adding a generic Plan to Helix Maintenance Manager, it is possible to add a Plans that can then be edited for your environment.


Follow these steps to manually add a new Plan to Helix Maintenance Manager…

  1. Quit Helix Maintenance Manager
  2. Download the starter Plan file from our site. (click here)
  3. Unzip the downloaded Plan file (if your OS did not do so automatically)
  4. Rename the Plan file, giving it the name of the new Plan you want to create
  5. Move the new Plan file to the HMM Support folder at ~/Library/Application Support/Helix/MaintenanceManager
  6. Launch Helix Maintenance Manager — if an error dialog appears, see this technote.

The file appears in the Plans list (under the Manage tab) with the name you designated. Select it and choose Edit Plan to specify the settings you desire.

After you have one Plan established, you can create additional plans simply by duplicating this Plan file in the Finder. (Remember to quit Helix Maintenance Manager before working on the Plan files in the Finder.)


This is an open bug.