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Helix Personal Server
Why Personal Server?

Every piece of information you enter into a Helix collection is stored right inside that collection. If you were to take the collection with you wherever you went, on your laptop, for instance, it would only be as secure as your laptop. In other words, if your laptop were to disappear, so would all your current information.

That is not a secure scenario.

And that’s where the Helix Personal Server comes in.

What is it?

The Helix Personal Server package is comprised of three applications:

  • Helix Server, is used to host and serve your Helix collection.
  • Helix Client, is used to interact with the information in your collection.
  • Helix Utility, a tool that helps assure the data integrity of your Helix collection.

The Helix Server application opens and runs a Helix collection from the location of your choice. That might be in your home or your office or any other location you deem to be safe and secure. Instead of taking it all with you wherever you may roam, you leave it running safely and access your information from wherever you are, using the Helix Client.

It works over the internet. This means that a Helix Server user can access his or her Helix collection from anywhere in the house or office to anywhere in the world. From the same machine where your Server is running to your laptop anywhere you take it.

That’s right, you read that correctly. You can even use the same machine that’s running your collection to interact with it via Helix Client.

Helix Server keeps all your information in one location while you move around, working on a laptop, a machine at work, while your information is stored at home.


Helix Personal Server is specially-priced at $149.99.

Log in to the QSA Web Store to purchase Helix Personal Server.

How it grows along with your needs

The Helix Personal Server package includes a Helix Server licensed for unlimited access by a single user at a time. Although it is designed to allow one person to access their collection from various locations, it can also be used by more than one person to access the collection, with the limitation that only one person may be connected at any given time.

As your needs expand to the point where more than one person needs access to your information at the same time, you can purchase an upgraded license that allows additional Helix Clients to access the collection simultaneously, instantly converting your Helix Personal Server to a Helix Workgroup Server. Pricing for Helix Server is based on the maximum number of Helix Clients that can be connected at the same time. (Also known as concurrent access.) Click here to see the current concurrent access (CA) pricing.