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Helix RADE
What is it?

Helix RADE is the core application of the Helix product family.

The “RADE” in the product’s name is an acronym that accurately describes what Helix RADE is: a Rapid Application Development Environment.

In this environment, your creativity can be unleashed to work with a tool of unique power and flexibility, a single tool that does the critical work usually done using a variety of separate tools.

Helix works in two “modes,”, Design Mode and User Mode. Helix RADE is the only Helix product that has both modes of operation. It is the tool used to design and build applications, but also to test and run them.

Ancient and Recent History

Helix RADE was originally known simply as Helix, based on the relationship of its concept, that is, the idea of combining a limited number of parts in an unlimited number of ways, to the underlying structure of DNA.

The original version of Helix was one of the original thirty products developed for the brand new Macintosh computing platform back in 1984.

The core application is called Helix RADE. The first macOS version of RADE shipped in June, 2011 as part of our Europa Pioneer public development program. The Europa program lasted exactly two years, at the end of which, users could do anything in Helix in macOS they had been able to do in the last Classic version.

The Helix 6 line ended with version 6.2.4, which shipped on June 19, 2014. By this time Helix, was Intel-native and compatible with all current versions of macOS.

Helix 7.0 debuted on December 20, 2016 as the first significant feature upgrade since moving to macOS. The Helix 7 line ended with version 7.0.4, which shipped on January 1, 2018.

Helix 8.0 debuted on December 21, 2019, as the first step toward a 64-bit Helix product line. (Helix 8.0 is not a 64-bit application, and therefore not compatible with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.

What can I do with it?

The more hands that work on a project, the greater the likelihood that a clear vision of the objective becomes diminished in some way. The power of Helix lies in reducing the distance between the visionary and the realization of that vision.

With Helix one can design and implement an application from start to finish, creating any necessary database components, building the user interface, and putting it to work in a variety of network configurations. Years of field experience have proven beyond any conceivable doubt that given the same set of specifications, the work can be done better and faster, and therefore less expensively, in Helix than with any other tool or combination of tools. The resulting applications are fast, powerful, and flexible.

What distinguishes Helix RADE from other means of accomplishing the same design and developmental objectives is Helix’s non-linear and very visual and innovative use of the graphical user interface in place of writing code. By virtue of this aspect, some of the more tedious tasks in application building are reduced to a few clicks of a mouse, resulting in a generally speedier process of design and deployment.


Helix RADE is available exclusively through the Helix Web Store.

Helix RADE is priced at 499.00 USD for new licenses. Upgrades start at 199.00 USD.

Log in to the QSA Web Store to purchase Helix RADE.

How it grows along with your needs

The base configuration of Helix RADE allows a user to open a single Helix collection at a time. While it is easy enough to open a collection and work in it, there are instances where it may be desirable to have more than one collection open at a time.

To enable that configuration, you may purchase additional CAs in the Helix Web Store.

System Requirements

Intel Macintosh

macOS 10.6 through 10.14