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Helix 5.x and macOS
I'm having trouble printing from Helix Client on my new macOS client machines. What's wrong?

When you install printer drivers on a machine running macOS, you must also install the OS 9 driver(s) for your printer(s) into the Classic environment on the machine. Since Helix takes you into Classic, it needs to find the appropriate print drivers there in order to print. Locate your CD-ROM that came with your printer and perform the OS 9 driver installation recommended by the manufacturer and your printing problem should be solved.

Beginning with macOS 10.4, Apple has provided a way to print to printers through the macOS printer drivers. To do this, first select "LaserWriter 8" in the Classic Chooser (regardless of whether you have laser printers or not). Now, when you print, the print dialog should show a popup menu at the top listing every printer installed for your macOS user. Printing this way uses the LaserWriter 8's capability of creating a Postscript (.ps) file to generate an "image" of the page that macOS printers can process.

My Mac won't boot into OS 9. What can I do?

Helix RADE, Engine, Client, and the utilities run fine in Classic Mode under macOS. However, the Classic Helix Server (5.3.2 and earlier) is not compatible with macOS's Classic Mode. Running Server in Classic mode can result in serious collection damage.

Users who need to run Helix in macOS can upgrade to Helix 6.1 or later.