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Automating Helix
Helix and AppleScript

Helix's data fuctions (store, retrieve, & delete) are Apple event aware and can be accessed either through programming or with a third-party application. Third-party solutions are available for AppleScript, Frontier, and CGI programming tasks.

As of version 5.2, Helix Utililty and Helix Update Collection are completely Apple event-aware.

Helix and OSA (Open Scripting Architecture) Languages

While you can use other OSA languages besides AppleScript & Frontier to script Helix, a working knowledge of Apple events is required. If you are interested in accessing Helix's Apple event mechanisms directly, visit our FTP server where you can download the necessary documentation. Our FTP server contains code for using Helix with Frontier and Java as well as sample code written in C.

Automating Other Tasks

Beginning in Helix 5.2, All Helix applications feature enhanced Quit events, allowing you to shut down a Helix collection (even Server) without user intervention.

Beginning in Helix 5.2, both Update Collection and Helix Utility are fully Apple event aware, and fully scriptable.

For macOS 10.3 and later users, Helix Maintenance Manager (the successor to DataBright's Database Chequer) is a complete solution to backup and maintenance of Helix databases.

Beginning in Helix 5.3, you can automate most Design Mode tasks through the "Do Menu" Apple event. The Helix 5.3 Release Notes explain the capabilities and limitations of this. Apple Script access to Do Menu is also built into Helix 5.3

For older versions of Helix, macro programs such as Binary Software's KeyQuencer or CE Software's QuicKeys can help. PreFab's Player is an option for those wanting to automate parts of Helix's interface from an OSA language.

Third Party Solutions

The page on third party tools gives you an overview of available options.