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Networking Issues
When I launch Helix on my computer, I get a message telling me that the owner has preempted me. What's going on?

Helix is licensed on a per computer basis. When you launch Helix, it checks to see if its serial number is already running on another computer. If it is, it will not launch. If you need to run multiple copies of Helix on your network, you can purchase a multicopy network license, Helix Runtime engines, or Helix Server.

When I launch Helix on my computer, I get a message telling me that the owner has preempted me but I'm the only one with Helix running on the network OR I'm not even running Helix on a network.

If you are certain nobody else on your network is running Helix, you have found a problem that occurs due to a problem that happens if you do not restart the Macintosh after a Helix crash. To correct the problem, restart your Mac. If that does not solve the problem, open your Chooser and temporarily deacivate AppleTalk. Dismiss the warning dialogs, and turn AppleTalk back on again.

How can I use Helix at multiple workstations on our network? We have more than one person who wants to do full mode development (or open a database in single user mode.

To run multiple copies of Helix you must purchase multiple licenses for Helix RADE (for development work) or Helix Engine (for single user access). You can purchase distinct copies (each with its own serial number) or a single copy that is licensed for multiple seats.

For example: If you have three individuals that want to use Helix RADE, you can either purchase three copies of Helix or a single copy of Helix licensed for three seats. The multi-seat license is more cost effective and easier to maintain, since you will only have to keep track of one serial number.

How do I use Helix over a network with more than one person accessing the database simultaneously?

You need a Helix Server license for the number of clients you would like to have simultaneously access your Helix Collection. With a license in hand, you can distribute the Helix Client to all of your computers. Helix Server will keep track of the concurrent log-ins and present a dialog informing the first user who tries to log in beyond the number of users allowed by the license that he or she may not log in.

I purchased a Server license for more clients. How do I install it?

See this technote for Helix 6.2 and later.

See this technote for Helix 6.1 and earlier.

I added more clients to my Helix Server, but now it crashes. What is going on?

You probably did not increase the memory (i.e., RAM) allocated to the Helix Server application. Try increasing it 1000K at a time and observe the results. The crashing should taper off. The ideal is to find the minimal memory allocation that runs reliably and stay with that.

What kind of networks can I use Helix Client/Server on?

Helix Client/Server 5.0 and later work over both AppleTalk and TCP/IP networks. Earlier versions only work on AppleTalk networks. To learn more about Helix TCP/IP, see the FAQ page on TCP/IP Issues (coming soon).

Do I need a dedicated machine for Helix Server?

It is recommended that you do, and Helix products are set at the factory to work that way (see next question). The more tasks running on your server machine the slower Helix (and all your other programs) will be.

Can I run Helix Server and Helix Client on the same machine?

Yes, but you must modify the Server and Client using ResEdit. Contact Technical Support for instructions on doing this.

Is a PowerPC required for Helix Server?

Beginning with version 4.5.3, Helix Server requires a PowerPC Macintosh.

Is a PowerPC required for Helix Client?

Helix 4.5.5 and lower: No, you can run Helix Client on a 68030 or 68040 Macintosh provided you are running in at least MacOS 7.5.5.

Helix 5.0 and higher: All of the Helix products require a PowerPC Macintosh.

Is Helix Client/Server compatible with Open Transport?

Yes, prior to version 4.5.3, some users experienced crashes with Open Transport. These problems were resolved with the release of version 4.5.3.

Helix Client crashes when I try to quit. Is there a work around?

This is a known problem that has been corrected in Helix 4.5.3 products. If you are experiencing these problems, it is strongly advised that you upgrade to version 4.5.5 or later.

Helix Server freezes while doing major record operations (large posts, large queries, etc). Is there a work-around?

This is a known problem. Helix maintains internal data and structure caches and if they are too large, you may see this problem. Keeping your server's memory allocation low (generally under 20MB) fixes this for most people. In fact, most people find that allocating more than 20MB to the server does not improve performance anyway. The ideal is to run the server in as little memory as possible while maintaining reliable operation. 15-20MB seems to work for most sites.