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Working with Slot Machines in Helix
What is a Slot Machine?

Helix RADE's Design Mode provides several dialog boxes in which you see lists of icons (fields, abacii, etc.). These lists are referred to as slot machines in Helix terminology.

How do I deselect an item selected in a Slot Machine when there's no room to click the white space at the bottom?

Point to the selected item and click. While clicking, drag your pointer out of the scrollable area to the right. You can also achieve the same result dragging either to the top or bottom, but not to the left.

Is there a better way to select items in slot machines than scrolling and clicking with a mouse?

Every slot machine in Helix supports keyboard entry. To highlight a slot machine, press the Tab key until it highlights, then either start typing the name of the icon you want to select or just use the up/down arrow keys to scroll through the list. The Home, End, Page Up and Page Down keys also work.