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How do I sort a subform?

The selected index in the subform portion of the view's show setup controls this. The index's primary sort must be the same as the subform link, but you can add secondary sorts to the index to control the sort order.

Sometimes, when I sort a list alphabetically, the result is not what I expected. How does Helix sort letters with special characters?

Earlier versions of Helix have a bug (reported by Lars Hansen) regarding the "capital-ring-A" character - which looks like this: ª. To see it, just type shift-option-a and you'll see the character.

The bug is that in Helix 4.5.3, the "Word starts with" Tile will not properly return this character as the equivalent of "A," which it should.

Given the following list...

Apple Keypress: shift-a
Keypress: shift-option-a
Apple Keypress: a
Apple Keypress: option-a

If you ask for records with "Word starts with A" you will lose the 2nd one. If you use the regular "Starts with A" Tile you will not. This is incorrect behavior.

Helix Express 4.5.1 also treated this character incorrectly, but it failed in other situations as well. So while 4.5.3 is better, it is still not 100% right.

This problem does not exist in Helix 4.5.5 or later.