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‘Failure to Open’ Error Code Reporting in Helix 7.0.2

When Helix can’t open a collection for some reason, the error dialog includes a number that indicates what sort of problem was found. Unfortunately, Helix 7.0.1 and earlier report most errors as ‘error 4’ (‘invalid contents’) which is rather a generic error.

Helix 7.0.2 and later return the unfiltered error code, making initial diagnosis of the actual problem easier.

For any of these errors, the best course of action is to revert to a previous verified backup. Consult the Repair Options for Collections that Report Unfixable Errors technote if you need to have the damaged copy repaired.

The chart below documents the errors that can be returned during the collection opening phase.

Error Codes
1BboxIDErrUnknown relation
2BcolIDErrUnknown field
3BWCntErrBad write count
4BHeapErrInvalid heap content
5BHpOpnErrAlready open on [Open Collection] call
6BHpClsErrNo open heap on [Close Collection] call
7BIxIdErrUnknown index
8BEntNFErrEntry not found in index
9BrowIDErrInvalid rowID passed
10BHpVrsErrVersion control number less than current on open.
11BHpLftOpnHeap left open during crash
12BHpHighVerVersion control number exceeds current on open.
13BHpVrsIcmpVersion incompatible.
14BHpExpiredCollection has expired
15BRBneLg2RB[Verify FreeRunTable] RBSize <> [Expected Value]
16BRBTotal[Verify FreeRunTable] TotRBs <> Free + Used
17BMFrtSize[Verify FreeRunTable] Size of FRT master not correct
18BEof[Verify FreeRunTable] EOF does not agree with FRT
19BFrtSum[Verify FreeRunTable] Sum of free runs <> does not agree with FRT master
20BFRTSize[Verify FreeRunTable] FRT size wrong
21BnFRT[Verify FreeRunTable] [FRT entries] > FRsPerTbl
22BShdwErrShadow file error
23BClsRcvrCrash during close, Recovery should be tried
24BFrtRB[Verify FreeRunTable] FstRB > TotRBs
25BFrtRBL[Verify FreeRunTable] FstRB + RunLen > TotRBs
26BFrtRBNeg[Verify FreeRunTable] FstRB < 0
27BFrtRunNeg[Verify FreeRunTable] RunLen < 0
28BFRTOrd[Verify FreeRunTable] Runs not ascending
29BFRTMax[Verify FreeRunTable] Run > MaxRun
30BShdwExistShadow file exists. collection may already be open
31BBadIdentBad Identity