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A startling lack of clarity

8 December 2015 —Recent user feedback has alerted us to the fact that we were a bit too circumspect in our last communication.

One user who has often served as a beta tester called to ask whether we had begun testing but not included him in the program. When we informed him that beta testing had not yet started, he was shocked because he was sure the October 21st edition of The Latest Word stated it would be starting shortly.

So we reread our October 21st posting and found that the core message was buried in the last paragraph, which reads, “At the time of this writing, we still haven’t met our original goal to fund finishing the development, testing and release of Helix 7.0 (represented by the unidentified hash mark on the thermometer at right) … the amount of additional time it has already taken us to get to where we are has necessitated the recalibration of that number …”

What it should have said, plainly stated

Thermometer Drive Period is Over

The work of getting the new infrastructural elements of Helix in place and stable enough to test has taken longer than we planned, and additional funding is going to be required to get to the place where we can begin testing. Our revised thermometer (at right) now shows that we project that we need an additional $40,000 to get this work done. This was not explained clearly in the October 21st edition of The Latest Word, as it should have been.

There it is. We cannot be more explicit. We are currently working at a slower-than-desired pace, simply because the money is not there. As we have said many times in the past, we would rather slow our progress than run the risk of defaulting on loans and putting Helix in the precarious position it found itself under previous management regimes.

In The Latest Word when we announced the Helix 7.0 feature list, we promised that advance purchasers would get the lowest price available. That pre-shipping price is coming to an end on December 31st, and even though Helix 7.0 will not be shipping on January 1st, the final (higher) price takes effect on that day. Prices on other items, such as pre-paid support and installation media, are increasing as well.

If you are waiting for Helix 7.0 to ship before purchasing the upgrade, we ask you to reconsider. You will help us by providing the financial boost we need to finish the job, and you will help yourself by getting Helix 7.0 at the low, pre-shipping price.

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