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11 October 2022 — After nearly 16 months of development and testing, Big Giant Donut today announces the release of Helix 8.0.2. Two products in particular have seen significant improvement: Helix Server and Helix Utility. You can download all 8.0.2 products now on our Downloads page. For more information about Helix 8.0.2, please read the Release Notes.

Helix is written in a few different languages. From a purely technical standpoint, it was vital for Helix Server change the method by which the Pascal portions of its code were compiled before we could move on to a 64-bit Server.

As a purely infrastructual project, the critical piece of this job was quality assurance. To the end-user, everything must work exactly as it did before. Or better, if possible. As the next critical step on the road to a 64-bit Helix Server and the browser client that will follow it, we had to have confidence that it was right.

Every time you dig up the road...

...the reason you dug in the first place can become secondary to getting the road back to work again.

One reliable hallmark of Helix’s long road to the present has been how often fixing something has revealed another problem, or shifted the focus from one issue to another. This is particularly true of the work we did on Helix Utility.

Our success in solving a few significant issues in Helix code this past year necessitated some changes in the way Helix Utility worked through a collection. This has resulted in a much-improved tool.

Throughout computer history, there have been issues with the way numbers are represented, be it in calculators, spreadsheets or databases. A particularly difficult area involves rounding numbers.

One of the things we discovered this time round, so to speak, is that while Helix may not have always performed rounding operations exactly according to its own specifications, after revisiting parts of that process this past 16 months, the results are much closer to the way those operations are meant to be performed.

The transition is underway

In a little over a month since Helix was acquired by Big Giant Donut, we are pleased to say that several of the things we hoped for are already happening.

>Soon you will begin getting Helix-related email from two addresses. The next time you hear from QSA, you will likely be able to find the same message in your junk or spam folders if you have set those up. If you have QSA in your Contacts application, please update it with the new information when you find it. This will facilitate the eventual cutover of everything from QSA to Big Giant Donut so we can turn off the lights at the end of this tunnel.

We appreciate your continued support of Helix and hope you are as excited about its future as we are.

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