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Europa 6.2b4 (5732) Companion TLW
What’s changed since 6.1b3 (5718)

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New Features

  • Disable Structure Check: A new preference has been added to work around R7235 (Saving some collections takes a very long time or hangs altogether in PPC RADE). If you can not save a collection on a PowerPC Mac because the structure check appears hung, set HxCheckStructureOnSave to false to disable the checker. This allows the collection to save. If you disable the integrated structure checker, be sure to use Update Collection to check for structural issues.
  • Lion Compatibility: Add Show/Hide Toolbar command to the Edit menu. It is also added in User Mode because the Classic user editor has no control for it. (This will be fixed when Classic compatibility is dropped.) (R7234)
  • Lion (& Snow Leopard) Compatibility: A small dynamic popup text field is no longer offset in 10.6 & 10.7 when Word Wrap is off. The fix is not visually appealing, but it does allow the text to be displayed. (R7108)

Graphic User Interface

  • Delete Data from Relation command: Helix can now delete all of the records from a relation with a single command. Placed in the Icon menu next to the Delete Icon command, its command key equivalent is CMD-Option-Delete.
  • Collection/Relation Editor: Icon indicators for Unused and Locked are now shown (R7215)
  • Inspector: Deleting an entry when editing a Static Popup no longer deletes two entries (R7200)
  • Inspector: Deleting icon currently shown in Inspector no longer crashes; it now displays a blank window (R7214)
  • Inspector: Novice Validation dialog Why? message field now text wraps (R7246)


  • Delete Data command now supports relations: Helix can now delete all of the records from a relation in a single (nearly instantaneous) step.
  • New active user and original user properties at the collection level. (R7251)
  • New record count property for relations and fields. (R7198)
  • New selection property returns a list of selected icons in a window or icon. selection supports these forms (R7230)
    • get selection of window # -- at application level
    • get selection of icon # -- at parent level
    • get selection of icon "name" -- at parent level
  • Opening an icon now returns the window object id (R7208)
  • You can now close a window by referring to its window id or its icon (R7209)
  • View Icon scripting fixes:
    • Post Setup scripting is now complete. You can add and remove post icons to any of the four posting columns (R7237)
    • Ensure that a Quick Query can not be attached to a list view
  • User Icon scripting fixes:
    • It is now possible (again) to delete a user icon via AppleScript (R7242)
    • Fix bug in resolving menus on a user's menu bar
  • Template (& Rectangle) Icon scripting fixes:
    • Deleting a subform no longer leaves the template confused (R7249)
    • Fix numerous bugs in command rectangle (R7233)
    • A field can now be used as a calculated label for a command rectangle (R7254)
    • The command rectangle terminology has been extensively reworked
    • The command rectangle dictionary entry now includes documentation
  • Terminology Conflicts: The repetitive use of certain Helix terms (e.g. view, template, query…) for AppleScript commands and properties can cause conflicts when attempting to compile AppleScript code. To resolve this, some terms have changed. If a previous script no longer runs, you may have to recompile it or modify the terms used.
  • Miscellaneous Changes and Bug Fixes: Changes have been made to the internal design of the Apple event code:
    • R7231 get parent of... fails for rectangles
    • Use a more reliable test to determine if an icon needs to be committed
    • Return an empty list when asked for the list of open collections, but we don’t have any
    • Honor the return value from the structure check that indicates whether a save should be done

Other Bug Fixes

  • R7250 Sequences can fail immediately after launch
  • R7181 Crash when opening a Form Query in Design Mode
  • R7232 Crash when closing the Collection Info window
  • R7244 Window closing triggers crash
Backward Compatibility

Europa remains backwards compatible with all versions of RADE from 6.0 forward.

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