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Helix 8.0.2 Release Notes

These release notes describe bug fixes and other improvements in Helix Utility 8.0.2. Please read them carefully.

Release Date:
Build 8010: June 30, 2022
Build 8011: July 5, 2022
Build 8018: October 11, 2022
Build 8020: November 26, 2022

Important Notes

Helix 8.0.2 is not compatible with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) or later.
Helix 8.0.2 requires macOS 10.6–10.14; macOS 10.9–10.14 is recommended.

Helix Utility 8.0.2 is able to check collections in Helix 4.5 or later. Earlier collections must be updated before they can be checked with Helix Utility 8.0.2.

What’s New in Helix 8.0.2
Ownership Updated

Splash screens of all products now show new ownership (Big Giant Donut).

What’s New in Helix Utility 8.0.2
Pascal Compiler Updated

The Free Pascal (FPC) compiler is used to build Helix Utility 8.0.2 and later, replacing the GNU Pascal (GPC) compiler that was used for all previous macOS versions of Helix. This is required to for 64-bit Helix.

Additional 64-bit code conversion

More code has been made 64-bit ready. Very little remains before the first 64-bit Helix Utility is available.

Repair more errors in collections

Collections that Helix Utility previously was unable of repair are now repaired.

Of particular note is that many instances of ‘broken page tables’ are now repaired.

Detailed Logging additional details

In the course of making the above changes, many additional details were added to the Detailed Logging report to assist with debugging. Many of these details have been left in place. Do not be alarmed if you see additional information when checking collections with Detailed Logging turned on.

Internal routines now pass System errors back to callers

Older versions of Helix Utility simply gave up when a system error (OSErr) was encountered. This was historically reported as a 4 digit error code that was decipherable only to Helix engineers.

Helix Utility now passes OSErr back in most instances, enabling reporting to the end user via the Detailed Logging. Do not be alarmed if you see OS errors reported during the repair process. Only if Helix Utility reports “fatal damage” is there need for concern.

Additional useful details logged

Helix Utility now logs more details about the repair…

  • Helix Utility version number
  • Helix collection format (i.e: which version of Helix is the collection updated for)
  • “Checking Record Listings” is now “Checking Record Block Listings” to remove confusion
  • Various other messages added, expanded, reworded, or reformatted for clarity
Large collection handling issues resolved

A legacy of Apple’s pascal interfaces requires handling file sizes as signed integers so when a large file has bit 31 set, conversion from SInt32 to SInt64 resulted in a negative file size calculation. Fixed.

System Log entries removed

A system event is no longer logged when "Reveal in Finder" or "Reveal Logfile in Finder" is used.

Out of Memory Error in macOS 10.7

A minor bug that resulted in large collections reporting an out-of-memory error when creating the RAM cache on macOS 10.7 (Lion) systems has been fixed.