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Can't seem to contact us?

If you have become frustrated by your efforts to contact a living, breathing person at Helix, or if you suspect we might be trying to reach you, you've come to the right place. Read on...

This page was last updated on Tuesday, 7 May 2013.

If you call us or email us and you don't get a reply, chances are it's because we can't get back in touch with you. Either the email address you used won't work, the phone number you left on voice mail was garbled (it's amazing how fast people rattle off their phone numbers when leaving messages; just because you know your phone number by heart doesn't mean we do! Speak slowly and clearly when leaving critical information!

Whenever we conduct mass emailings, you get included if you had the update option checked on your customer profile. If your name appears below, it means either:

  • you contacted us and we're unable to contact you back, or
  • we tried to contact you but couldn't with the information we have, or
  • your junk mail filter is filtering us out!
People with bad email addresses
  • James Adams, The Die-Gem Company
  • Philip S. Adkins Potter, My Self
  • AdvantagePages
  • Linda Alexander
  • Alex Balster, ABC
  • Richard A. Bancroft, MacMarket
  • Carolyn Barnes, Lone Star Consulting
  • E. Randolph Bentley
  • Rodney G. Browne, R.G. Browne Co. Inc.
  • Sasha Bunchuk, Champion Day Camp
  • Al Carter
  • Bob and Diane Davis
  • Jason Dennis
  • Mark Elster
  • Steve Feltes, Evergreen Video
  • Rudy Foschi, Jr., Foschi Photography
  • William Gay
  • Keith C. De Haan
  • Michael Goodhand, Dover Space Center
  • Gregory Heroux, Summit Pipeline Services
  • Grant Groberg, emerald productions
  • Scott A. Gurley, Protection Networks
  • David Hale, Theatre Circ
  • Frederic C. Huffman, Mille Lacs County DAC
  • Maury Johnson
  • Michael H. Joseph
  • Jack Landry, Ecsis Corp.
  • H.U. Leibundgut, URANOS
  • John Lisle, The Lisle Law Firm, PA
  • Gregory McGrath, West Gippsland Arts Centre
  • Colin Mitchell
  • John G. O'Neill, Mercadier Pty Limited
  • Buffy Phipps, David Mandt & Associates
  • Toni Reolon
  • Ben Sala
  • Bernhard Schulze
  • Juergen Schulze
  • Michael N. Sekus, Aquila Analysis
  • John L. Selby, Stereo One, Inc.
  • Dana Speranza, Dynamic Control Software
  • James M. Stallings
  • Ronald F. Sweet, Calgary Board of Education
  • Michael C. Thomas, California Horticulture
  • Gene Wilson, GRoW, Inc.
  • Octavio Zarate, artnova
People with bad postal addresses

Added Week of 24 April 2006

  • Loren Skarie, Skarie Enterprises

Added Week of 29 August 2005

  • David Douglass
  • Wayne Hermann, Procter & Gamble
  • Peter Klimon, Equitable Services, Inc.
  • Patrick Leyden, Temple University
  • Robert Paulus, MIOC SPRL
  • Mark E. Williams, NDW Textiles, Inc.

Added Week of 21 March 2005

  • Michael McGee, AdvantaCare

Added Week of 28 February 2005

  • Bob Stevens, Richmond Software Corporation
  • Tom Stevens, Family Counseling Service
  • Kevin Vogler
  • Carl D. Walstad, Unitech Prepress Solutions Inc.

Added Week of 21 February 2005

  • Michael J. Mansfield, Associated Controls
  • Erik Ronningen
  • Lester Silberman, Danbury Hospital

Added Week of 14 February 2005

  • Joe Cusimano
  • Doris Hayward, La Joya Independent School District
  • Dennis Heazle, Infinisys
  • Peter Majeski
  • Alan McLean, Davenham Automation, Ltd.

Added Week of 17 February 2005

  • Martine Tremblay, Université du Quebec à Trois-Rivieres
  • Kelly Walker, Safe @ Work USA

Added Week of 24 January 2005

  • Don Helmstetter, Compunet International, Inc.

Added prior to the Week of 17 January 2005

  • David Lowe, M.D.
  • Eric C. Luttermoser, Harvey's Place, Inc.
  • Jim McKee, Datawerks
  • Alan McLean, Davenham Automation
  • Terry Ross, Abram Ross, Inc.
  • Martine Roy, Virage Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi
  • Wayne Smith, The Multimedia Mix, Ltd.
  • Rodney M. Walker, Harp Safety
  • Roger Wilson, Connecting Point Computer Center
Please contact us!

If your name appears above, please contact us. After we hear from you, we'll take it down. At periodic intervals, we'll sweep this page and take down the really old ones, assuming that either you really don't care, you really aren't there or you got your problem solved.

If you aren't one of these people, but you have information about one of them, specifically, whether or not they are still using Helix or still in business, please contact us.