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Europa 6.2b5 (5740) Companion TLW
What’s changed since 6.1b4 (5732)

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New Features

  • Two new icon types — Form Query & Power Query — can now be defined via AppleScript. (Note: this only covers specifying the icons used by these icons; it does not include the ability to specify a query term. Yet.)
  • AppleScript Nirvana is our ‘inhouse’ term for an alternative form of AppleScript syntax that makes script easier to write and (when used judiciously) easier to read. Helix now supports a significantly wider range of syntax options. Instead of always requiring syntax like this:
      tell application "Helix RADE"
        tell collection 1
          tell relation "accounting"
            tell view "Current A/R"
              set keep current to false
            end tell
          end tell
        end tell
      end tell
    You can now write:
      tell application "Helix RADE"
        set keep current of view "Current A/R" of relation "accounting" of collection "Finance" to true
      end tell
      tell application "Helix RADE"
        set collection "Finance"'s relation "accounting"'s view "Current A/R"'s keep current to false
      end tell
    Of course, you can also combine the explicit and implicit tells at whatever level you prefer.
  • Terminology Improvement: Helix supports four distinct types of users. Historically they have been referred to as user, submenu, administrator, and prototype. The user user type is now referred to as a primary user type, and the sub menu user type is now referred to as a secondary user. The original term “user user type” sounds redundant, and the “sub menu” concept was often confused with a hierarchical menu. Hopefully these new terms will clarify the role and use for the “sub menu” user type. (This terminology change has also been ported back to Helix RADE Classic, appearing in version 6.1.10.)

Graphic User Interface

  • R7108: The fix for ‘combobox’ popups in Snow Leopard and Lion has been tweaked to provide a better visual, and alignment is now much more consistent. (This fix is being ported back to 6.1.10.)
  • R7136: Helix now avoids a crash that occurs when a view containing a subform that shares a query with other views is pasted into a collection but is never opened, and the query is subsequently changed while running in Engine or Client/Server. (This has been ported back to 6.1.10.)
  • R7223: Helix no longer crashes when previewing a rotated pdf. (This fix is being ported back to 6.1.10.)


  • Form Query setup is scriptable: Specify the template to be used.
  • Power Query setup is scriptable: Specify the fields and abaci that are seen in the searchable, reference, and permanent items lists.
  • AppleScript Nirvana #1: Helix now supports the x of y of z syntax. (See above for examples.)
  • AppleScript Nirvana #2: Helix now supports addressing all named items by name.
  • Close Collection command supports "with saving" parameter.
  • Reduced issues requiring minor maintenance after a commit
  • Fixed two nasty bugs where the structure checker could cause damage by incorrectly "fixing" reference counts
  • Template/View Icon scripting improvements and bug fixes:
    • R7264: Misc. Commit and Revert bugs related to elements of templates and views
    • R7275: Conditional Sequence iteration value can now be field or abacus
    • R7281: Opening a queried view creates 3 anomalies
    • R7287: Rectangle size test was too sensitive
    • R7291: keep current reply was backwards
    • Fix erroneous test that prevented valid queries from being attached to a view
    • Added three read only properties (has picture, has large picture, is transparent) to command rectangles. These are Classic optimization values that are being phased out, but are made available for troubleshooting purposes.
    • The command rectangle property has command label can no longer be set via AppleScript. (This is a read only Classic optimization property.)
    • The error messages returned for conditional command errors now explain the specific problem.
  • User Icon scripting improvements and bug fixes:
    • R7265: Menu items can be deleted again
    • R7268: Modifying a menu item works much better
    • R7269: Menu items with integers fail
    • R7282: A new user menu is made at the wrong place.
    • R7285: Removing a menu item the wrong way crashes Helix
    • Fix a mistake that was creating a hierarchical menu instead of a menu separator.
    • Dictionary description of commands corrected
    • You can no longer add a command key to the Enter & Static Enter commands via AppleScript
  • Post Icon scripting improvements and bug fixes:
    • R7276: Resolved crash after adding posts to a view
    • R7289: Removing a non-attached post removes some attached post
    • Post icons can now be identified by name
    • Fix bugs in the commit code
  • Terminology Conflicts: The repetitive use of certain Helix terms (e.g. view, template, query…) for AppleScript commands and properties can cause conflicts when attempting to compile AppleScript code. To resolve this, some terms have changed. If a previous script no longer runs, you may have to recompile it or modify the terms used.
    • key modifiers enumeration constant changed from just "command" to "command key"
    • fixed point data type change from "fixed integer" to "fixed point"
    • n-point menu items (for Classic only) have been changed to their textual equivalents
    • conditional sequence keyword ‘iteration calculation’ changed to ‘iteration value’ since it may be a field or abacus
    • conditional sequence keyword ‘sequence’ changed to ‘iteration command’ since ‘sequence’ is a class
    • menu item command ‘close collection’ is now ‘close collection command’ to avoid conflict with the command and to make it consistent with other menu commands
    • menu item command ‘color command’ is now ‘colors command’ since it actually inserts 8 menu items (in Classic only)
    • menu item ‘hierarchical menu’ is now simply ‘menu’
    • references to user types were incorrectly labeled as ‘menu types’
    • user types renamed: the ‘user’ user type is now a ‘primary’user, and the ‘sub menu’ user type is now a ‘secondary’ user. The original terms led to terminology conflicts and the concept of a “sub menu” was often confused with a hierarchical menu by end users. Hopefully these new terms will clarify the role and use for the “sub menu” user type. (This terminology change has also been ported back to Helix RADE Classic, appearing in version 6.1.10.)
    • collection property ‘original user’ is now ‘primary user’ to mesh with the terminology change and to better clarify what the property contains.
  • Miscellaneous Changes and Bug Fixes
    • R7258: open collection now supports user names that require a password
    • R7272: close command now always closes a window
    • R7280: null object is now scriptable
    • R7284: revert all returns odd error when there is nothing to revert
    • Field and Abacus classes are now subclasses of the new data icon class, which is a subclass of icon
    • The delete command now returns an error message along with the error number
    • Various dictionary entries enhanced with better descriptions, documentation.
    • commit and revert commands are now restricted to only work on icons. (Previously you could commit a single rectangle or property, often with unpleasant results.)
Backward Compatibility

Europa remains backwards compatible with all versions of RADE from 6.0 forward.

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