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There are no changes for Helix Utility this month.

Helix RADE changes since 6.2b13 (5821)

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New and Improved Features

Inspector Enhancements

  • Visible Controls: Editable fields, popup menus, and clickable buttons are now visible in the Inspector (and its dialogs). Properties that require attention to make an icon legal are now shaded using the ‘invalid field’ shading preference.

    The image on the right shows the Inspector with the new visibility features.

  • R7651: Inspector now uses shaded labels to indicate which parts of an icon are invalid.

    The image on the right shows the Inspector with the invalid property shading.

  • R7672: A new has password property is shown when a user is selected.
  • R7734: The User Name Security setting has been added to the Collection Inspector.

    To access the Collection Inspector, deselect all icons in the Collection window.

Graphic User Interface Enhancements

  • R7486: Run Sequence command added to the Icon menu.

    This replaces the ‘Run’ button in the Classic RADE sequence editor.

  • R7578: Rebuild Index command added to the Icon menu.

    This replaces the ‘toggle arrow up and down’ trick in the Classic RADE index editor and the ‘toggle keyword flag off and on’ trick in the Classic RADE field editor.

  • R7644: Commit & Revert (plus the ‘All’ variants) have been added to the Icon menu.

    Only Commit & Revert appear on the menu by default. Hold the Shift key down to access Commit All & Revert All.

  • R7627: The Print Document command is now functional.

AppleScript Enhancements

  • R7486: The run (sequence) command has been added for initiating sequences.
  • R7578: The rebuild (index) command has been added for rebuilding indexes (icons and keywords).
  • R7672: A new has password property is added (as read only) to the user class.

Bug Fixes

Posting Fixes

    The post icon editor, introduced in Helix RADE 6.2b13, introduced a number of serious bugs. Specific bugs addressed in this release are listed below.

  • R7724: Post icons are no longer silently detached from views in macOS RADE

    Helix RADE 6.2b13 (5821) has a logic error that causes posts to be considered invalid and silently detaches them from views, causing posts to ‘fail’ unexpectedly. This bug is fixed, but collections opened with Helix RADE 6.2b13 may have had their posting setups modified. A script on our AppleScripts page writes a report of post setups in a collection, to help you identify potential changes. Contact technical support if you need further assistance.

  • R7749: The post setup dialog now flags illegal combination of source/target links via highlighting.
  • R7756: Defining post icon triplets no longer requires minor maintenance that could lead to a crash.
  • R7779: Posts created in macOS RADE now work as expected.

    Posts created in prior versions of macOS RADE were incorrectly identifying the target relation, causing new records to be created when existing ones should have been updated. Any post created in Helix RADE 6.2 prior to build 5828 must be rebuilt to correct this error.

    To fix a defective post icon: open the ‘Post configuration’ dialog, switch the Source Link and Target Link to “-- none --”, then click OK and click Commit All. Now reopen the dialog and respecify the correct Source and Target links. Click OK and click Commit All: the post should now work as expected.

General Fixes

  • R7482: Changing a rectangle’s dimensions no longer requires minor maintenance.
  • R7454: Applying structure that contains a list view with multiple selected indexes no longer loses the "no index" option. This is an ancient Helix bug.
  • R7537: Clicking the Save Collection button in the Collection Info window no longer crashes.
  • R7565: The Select All command no longer skips icons when there are multiples with same name.
  • R7669/7676: Actions that require a progress thermometer no longer hang if they are performed before the initial structure check.
  • R7692: Using a foreslash (/) in the name of a collection no longer triggers a crash.
  • R7720/7723: Applying structure that contains subforms no longer crashes.
  • R7729: A crash that could occur when opening a view is fixed.
  • R7770: Applying recently created clippings could trigger collection damage.

    For more information on this bug, see technote R7770.

Inspector Fixes

  • R7686: Modifying the Import/Export path data no longer crashes on commit
  • R7687: Modifying the Import/Export path data for a view now activates the Commit/Revert buttons.
  • R7691: Setting the style of a flag field now works as it should.
  • R7721: The Quick Query Lock property is now ignored in Design Mode, as it was in Classic RADE.

Graphic Interface Fixes

  • R7424/7447: The “edit keys” (Page Up, Page Down, Home, End) stay in sync better in collection/relation windows.
  • R7477: Applying structure to a collection no longer causes data rectangles to appear empty on templates in Classic.
  • R7653: Checkboxes in Inspector dialogs are now top aligned, and the last row does not grow when the dialog is expanded.
  • R7680: Closing a view no longer clears an active Quick Query. This is consistent with Classic Helix.

    To clear the Quick Query, either close the toolbar or click the (X) in the Quick Query search term field before closing the view.

  • R7734: The User Name Security dialog was crashing, and has been removed altogether.

    A script on our AppleScripts page removes instances of User Name Security command from sequences, and writes a report of which sequences contained the command. (The User Name Security command will be removed automatically in a future RADE update.

  • R7758: Changing the current index repeatedly via the toolbar no longer leads to a crash.

AppleScript Fixes

  • R7603: When text is expected, sending a list now returns an error.
  • R7634: The ability to get a tile by id works with more targets.
  • R7635: Setting position or jog height of a tile no longer triggers a crash.
  • R7636: You can now make a user menu when none exist for that user.
  • R7637: Adding items to hierarchical menus now works as it should.
  • R7661: Design Mode windows can no longer be opened in User Mode.

    This now returns error 1139: Window can only be opened in Design Mode.

  • R7664: When a user menu is removed, the reference count of icons in that menu are now properly updated.
  • R7691: Setting the style of a flag field now works as it should.
  • R7727: The form mode property has been restored to the view class.
  • R7746: A user created with completely empty user menus no longer triggers a crash.
Backward Compatibility

Europa remains backwards compatible with all versions of RADE from 6.0 forward.

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