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BZ1034: Conditional Sequence runs too many times when triggered by Fixed Point value


The Problem

Under specific circumstances, a conditional sequence can run 100 times as often as specified.


This bug only occurs if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. A fixed point abacus is used as a source value in a post, either in the Destination tile or a posting triplet.
  2. That same abacus is used to specify the On Condition value of an optional (i.e: conditional) sequence.
  3. That abacus is not present on the template.

If all of these conditions are combined in the setup of a single view, the conditional sequence is triggered 100 times the value in the abacus. (That is, if the abacus contains the value 2 the conditional sequence runs 200 times.)

Only the Fixed Point data type is affected by this bug.


There are two easy ways to avoid this bug:

  1. Place the abacus used in the post/conditional sequence trigger on the template.
  2. Duplicate the abacus and use the copy in one of the two places.

This bug affects all versions of Helix back to (at least) Helix Express 4.5.


This bug is fixed in Helix 6.1.3.


Special thanks to Greg Morin for bringing this bug to our attention.