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BZ900: Option 1 post to cold form view with defaulted field results in index corruption


The Problem

Index corruption occurs under specific circumstances:

  1. A field has an index built on it
  2. That field is on a template with a default value abacus in the field's rectangle
  3. The view using that template is set up as follows:
    1. An Option 1 post is attached to the On Entry column
    2. The Keep Current option (a Cold Form) turned off
  4. An existing record where that field is undefined

Under these circumstance, the index becomes corrupt when the pre-existing record (with the undefined field) is defined by replacing the record using the abacus default to assign a value to the field.


Under these circumstances the record is inserted in the index twice, once as an undefined value and once with the new (default) value. Helix Utility is able to detect this corruption and flag the index for rebuilding.

When this bug occurs while using a Classic Helix product, four anomalies which are cleaned up by Update Collection are created. Helix products do not create these anomalies in macOS.


To avoid this bug, upgrade to Helix 6.1.3 or change the construction to avoid one of the required conditions.


This bug affects all Helix products since Keep Current was introduced up to and including Helix 6.1.2.


This bug is fixed in Helix 6.1.3.


Special thanks to Michael Albert for bringing this bug to our attention.