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BZ904: Registration dialog fails to convert key input to upper case


The Problem

The letters in a key must be typed in upper case or they are not recognized as valid.

In previous versions of Helix, the registration dialog automatically converted lower case input to upper case in the key field. Helix 6.1.x products for macOS fail to do this.


Two workarounds exist:

  • Type the key with the Caps Lock key on.
  • Copy the key from your Helix invoice or Web Store/Account Manager keys page and paste (CMD-V) the key into the dialog. (You must copy the key before launching Helix.)

This bug exists only in Helix 6.1.x for macOS products.


This bug is fixed in Helix 6.1.3 and later.

Additional Note

In cases where the key includes ambiguous characters, either character will work. The number 1 and the letter I are interchangeable, as are the number 0 and the letter O.

(Technically, keys only use the numbers 1 & 0 — the letters I & O are never used in keys.)