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BZ976: Lists fail to display all data when there are more than 32,000 records


The Problem

When a list contains more than 32,676 records only a subset of the records are shown. In some cases, the first few thousand records; in other cases, only the first page.


To avoid this bug, use a query to restrict the list to less than 32,000 records.

If you are using Helix Client/Server 6.1.2, you can download this updated Client to avoid the problem until 6.1.3 ships.


A bug that was causing Classic Helix products to crash on rare occasions was fixed in Helix RADE 6.1.2 & Helix Client Classic 6.1.1, but that fix inadventently introduced this new bug. Both bugs are fixed in Helix RADE & Client Classic 6.1.3.

Note: the bug was actually found in the routine that determines how many pages are needed to display the list.


This bug affects only Helix RADE 6.1.2 and Helix Client Classic 6.1.x


This bug is fixed in Helix RADE and Client Classic 6.1.3.


Special thanks to Greg Morin and Randy Rannals for bringing this bug to our attention.