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BZ990: Deleting an icon formerly used in an abacus used by a query can damage collection

Pre-Existing Bug


Throwing away a field that was previously used in an abacus that is currently used by a query can result in Update Collection reporting that the collection is damaged. (Diagnostic Code: 36/xxxx/xxxxxxxx)


The damage caused by this issue is trivial and can be fixed simply by opening the query that contains the reference and making a change to the query specification. (In the case of a Permanent Power Query item, you have to go into the Permanent tab and deselect/reselect the items.)


The bug actually strikes when the abacus is modified, not when the field is deleted. The problem is this: when an abacus is used as part of the calculation for an Open Query or Power Query, the query builds an internal "what I need" list using the contents of the abacus. But when the abacus is changed, the query's internal list is NOT updated.

At this point, the collection is NOT damaged, but the power query's internal "what I need" list is inaccurate. That is a problem in itself, but Helix can deal with that. (As soon as you change the query in any way, the list is rebuilt, correcting the problem.)

Only if you subsequently delete the original icon does Update Collection then find a reference to a non-existent icon and return the "36/xxxx/xxxxxxxx" error.


This bug has been reproduced in our test lab, but the fix is quite involved, and is being deferred until work on the macOS version of Helix RADE begins.


This bug exists in all versions of Helix RADE since the introduction of the Power Query.