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TS1992: User View Permissions Inadvertently Restricted


The Problem

A user’s view permissions can accidentally become restricted. This happens only when all of the following conditions are true:

  • The user being edited has all permissions enabled for the view.
  • The user you are in Design Mode as has some permissions disabled for that view.
  • No user icons have been opened during this Design Mode session.

If all of these conditions are true, the user being edited will inherit the restricted permissions of the editing user in cases where the user formerly had full permission.

The Solution

When switching to Design Mode, open any user and immediately click the Cancel button in the user editor dialog.

Note that this bug only affects the very first time a user icon (any user icon) is opened after switching to Design Mode. As soon as that user dialog has been cancelled, the bug can not strike again until the next time you go into Design Mode.

Also note that this bug will not give users permissions where they have explicitly been disabled. It can only remove permissions from a user who should have them. It is definitely an annoyance, but it can not open a potential security hole.

Alternatively: Update to Helix RADE 6.1 which addresses this issue. (A special version of Helix RADE — dubbed 6.0.2 — is available upon request.)


This bug affects all versions of Helix RADE from 4.5.1 (and possibly earlier) to 6.0.1 (065).


This bug is resolved in Helix RADE 6.1.


Credit to Wade Brezina for discovering this bug.