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TS2068: RADE Crash When Attempting to Copy/Paste Large Structures


The Problem

Helix crashes when attempting to copy/paste large amounts of structure.

The Solution

Copy the structure in segments, keeping each segments small enough to avoid the crash. (Icons have varying levels of complexity, so there is no hard rule dictating how much is too much.)

Alternatively: Update to Helix RADE 6.1, which reduces the likelihood of encountering this issue. Helix RADE 6.1 has a larger internal workspace, supporting larger structure operations. Nonetheless, it is still possible to attempt to copy/paste structures that are too large for the expanded workspace.


This limitation exists in all versions of Helix that support Copy/Paste Structure prior to Helix 6.1.


This limitation is reduced in Helix RADE 6.1.

This bug is fixed in Helix RADE 6.2