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TS2233: Crash Recovery: Pictures Over 64K Are Not Recovered from Logfile


The Problem

Pictures over 64K, pasted into Picture fields, are lost if Helix crashes, even if logging is in effect. All other data types are properly recovered from the logfile. Upon recovery, the records and all other data types are properly recovered, but the picture field is empty.

The Solution

There is no workaround for this bug.


This bug affects all Helix applications: RADE, Engine & Client/Server.

This bug exists in all versions of Helix as far back as Helix Express 4.5.1, and probably further. (Earlier versions were not tested.)


This bug is fixed in Helix Server 6.1.1, Helix RADE Classic 6.1.2, & Helix Engine 6.1pr3 and later.