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Find A Developer

A Helix Professional Developer is a person who can be relied upon to come into your place of business, either in-person or via a remote connection, and assist you with a particular problem you are having with your Helix application.

Click the Developer Locator link if you are looking for a Helix developer to assist you.

Be A Developer

A Helix Professional Developer has skills in design, implementation, documentation and in providing ongoing support. End-to-end lifecycle management, as they say.

QSA ToolWorks believes that a certification process is needed for Helix professionals. But at this time our full focus is on completing the macOS transition, and developing a certification process has been relgated to a back burner until that is complete.

In the meantime, you can add your name to the Developer Locator list by logging into our account manager and updating your customer record. There is an option on the form to be added to the Developer Locator.

We are also asking all professional developers to provide us with information about Helix customers you support. By telling us about the relationships you have established with our mutual customers, we can avoid situations that would be detremental to the relationships. Click the Developer Registry link to create links to your customers.

Solutions Providers

A Helix Solutions Provider has expertise in a particular area of business (or personal) management and has developed a Helix-based solution that addresses those needs. It may be a comprehensive application or targeted to a particular aspect, but the Solution Provider combines knowledge of "best practices" with Helix design skills to create a superior solution. These providers can sell their knowledge to multiple customers, spreading out the cost and giving you "more for less," so to speak.

When you are looking for the answer to a specific problem, be sure to check for a Solution Provider with expertise in that area.

Beta Testing

Being a Helix Beta Tester is a demanding role. There are no rewards other than the reward of seeing Helix improved. (That is: Helix Beta Testers do not receive discounted products in exchange for their testing time.)

Helix Beta Testing takes place in a rough and tumble environment. If you are familiar with the stereotypical military boot camp, you have an idea of what this is like. Joining our beta program is like working in a thankless job for a demanding boss, with no pay. (The only reward is seeing the bugs you find get fixed.) Still interested?

When a bug is found, it must be studied and, wherever possible, reproduced in a minimal collection that allows our engineers to focus on the bug at hand without being distracted by extraneous database structure. This can take many hours of your time.

Communication skills are essential, and an adherence to using the standard Helix terminology is required. (Because Helix is a visual languange, many users develop their own internal terminology, which is fine for personal use, but when communicating with our staff, is at best distracting, and at worst can lead to complete miscommunication and loss of valuable engineering time.)

Helix Beta Testers are required to actively participate in our beta communication forum. Our automated system (Helix-driven, naturally) filters out those who do not contribute on a regular basis.

Helix Beta Testers must have a completed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA: see below) on file with QSA ToolWorks, LLC. We may, at our discretion, require updated NDAs. Only individuals who have read and signed the NDA on file with QSA are permitted to see beta releases. This means that if you are planning on beta testing Helix Client/Server, every person who will use Helix Client must sign the NDA.

At this time, the Helix Beta Testing program is open by invitation only.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

We sometimes require that a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) be signed and sent to us. If you need to do this, a blank NDA form is available here.