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Europa 6.2b3 (5718) Companion TLW
What’s Changed since 6.1b3 (5718)

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Graphic User Interface

  • Better scroll wheel processing: There was a case that wasn’t being handled.
  • Inspector no longer crashes if no icons are selected in the Relation/Collection window


  • View Icon scripting is complete. You can now control all of the I/O parameters via properties. (For example, this lets you set or change the import/export document path without having to run a sequence.)
  • User Icon scripting is available:
    • Users can be added, deleted, modified
    • User menus can be added, deleted, and modified
    • Window positions and menu permissions can be modified
    • Windows can be set to open automatically the next time the user logs in
  • Index Icon scripting is enhanced: you can now change an element in the index list. (Previously you had to remove the old one, then add a new one.)
  • Requesting the list of open windows now returns the correct list. Asking for anything other than a window or collection returns an error.
  • Requesting a list of objects that don't live in a Collection or Relation window will now return an error, rather than returning a list of everything in the icon.
  • The version command now returns the version as a complete string, as in “6.2b3 (5718)”.
  • Icon Class Shells: All icon types now return their proper class names, even if they are not completely scriptable yet.
  • Terminology Conflicts: The repetitive use of certain Helix terms (e.g. view, template, query…) for AppleScript commands and properties can cause conflicts when attempting to compile AppleScript code. To resolve this, some terms have changed. If a previous script no longer runs, you may have to recompile it or modify the terms used. Some of the changed terms:
    • Index: ordering key is now index element
    • View: template is now view template
    • View: query is now view query
    • View: index is now view index
    • View: on error is now on import error
    • View: subform link is now subform link icon
    • View: host link is now host link icon
  • Miscellaneous Changes and Bug Fixes: A number of changes have been made to the internal design of the Apple event code:
    • Numerous Novice Validation Dialog errors are fixed
    • The selection property of a repeat rectangle now works correctly
    • Delete now returns a list of objects not deleted (because they are still in use)
    • A view template can now be set to NULL (that is: no template)
    • When committing changes, only windows that were closed are reopened.
    • The “pending changes” code is revised so that committing an icon always commits all changes made to that icon. Making a change to an embedded object within an icon now marks the icon so that it can be committed. This involves significant changes to the template code.
    • Attempting to open a view that is in Setup mode is handled more gracefully.
    • Deleting a subform rectangle from a template no longer results in a damaged collection. (Code: 1B)
    • The final step of the Apple event object resolution code is now taken automatically. This maintains a reference to an object so that it can be set, if necessary.
    • The plural of abacus is now abaci instead of abacus icons.

Other Bug Fixes

  • R7139: Self-referencing subform/entry form does not go to top. When the first page (that is, the data entry page) of a multi-page subform is not visible, many of the actions required for data entry to work were not being performed on the invisible page. The code has been changed to specifically target the invisible page when it is invisible. (For that matter, in other cases, it is specifically targeted even when it is visible.)
  • R7174: Crash when clicking the Options button in the import/export file dialogs.
  • R7195: Crash when editing a second field in inspector.
  • R7197: Fix document space allocation errors. (processing reference counting) There were at least three separate bugs causing memory leaks in both RAM and in the collection. One of these counting errors was in the fetch layer, and two were in the phased drawing code.
  • Document Management: The dialog that appears when a document handling error happens has more information to help identify the source of the error.
  • Document Management: Fix crash when an undefined document is put into a dynamic popup, by testing for undefined and using an empty string instead.
  • Fix one case of the reference count on a picture being adjusted incorrectly.
  • Fix some memory leaks related to processing the file dialog. However, it appears that we will not be able to fix all of them, since many are in the system code.
  • Fix some memory leaks related to wxWidgets processing of CFStrings.
Backward Compatibility

Europa remains backwards compatible with all versions of RADE from 6.0 forward.

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