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New Error Codes in Helix Utility 8.0

This technote describes the new codes that Helix Utility 8.0 can return when errors are found. These error codes are shown in the Activity Log panel of Helix Utility only when Detailed Logging is turned on, and are always recorded in the Activity Log file for the collection.

This technote is not completed (obviously) — we hope to have it ready in the next few days.

Space Usage Table Errors

In prior versions of Helix Utility, Space Table Errors were reported as a simple text message informing you that the Space Table had major or minor errors. With Detailed Logging turned on, Helix 8.0 expands this to include details about the errors found, for example…

Verifying ‘db’ at 2019-12-21 13:00:25 +0000
Checking the free space
freeRbs mismatch 2833943 2833879
usedRbs mismatch 6820752 6820816
entryLimit mismatch 1533 2044
extra free run rb 6811422 length 72
entryCount 1530 1530
totalRbs 9654695 9654695
Major errors were detected in the space usage table of the collection ‘db’.
Click the ‘Repair’ button to attempt a repair.

This information is of no use to you, the end user, but should you discover a reproducible case — where doing a specific action always results in a space usage table error — we encourage you to contact us, as we may wish to attempt to reproduce the error here and address the underlying cause.

Because the detailed text may induce needless panic in some users, we are documenting it here, in order to allay your fears.

When you see space usage table errors, use Helix Utility to repair the collection and they will be corrected.

Additional Notes

Helix Utility can be used with older collections, and the new ‘Compress’ options are fully compatible with all supported Helix versions.

Error Code 0x22

Error Code 0x22 has its own technote, which is found here.