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What's New in Helix Maintenance Manager 1.0.3

Helix Maintenance Manager version 1.0.3 is available for immediate downloading. HMM 1.0.3 contains over 20 bug fixes and changes since 1.0.2.

Helix Maintenance Manager 1.0.3 is our first Universal Binary application. HMM has been, since its inception, written using Apple's Xcode development environment. We built HMM as a Universal Binary first because a) we could and b) it made a good first run to learn what we need to do for the rest of the Helix products. That knowledge is already being applied to the rest of the Helix product line.

Note:Plans created or modified with HMM 1.0.3 are not backwards-compatible with HMM 1.0.2 or earlier, so you should back up your existing plans before updating to HMM 1.0.3. You can back up your Plans by making a copy of the MaintenanceManager folder (found in the Helix Folder in the Application Support folder of your Library folder).

Improvements and Enhancements
  • Helix Maintenance Manager is now a Universal Binary.
  • The columns in the Manage table of the main window are now resizable. (Previously only the Schedule table’s columns were resizable).
  • Test Setup error messages are more explicit in the case of errors when a logging preference is set but no log file is specified.
  • Process and Script steps where HMM continues the Plan execution without waiting for the called application to quit (as in the Reopen Collection step) were delaying a little, waiting for the process to fully launch. HMM now continues plan execution while the selected item is opening.
  • We added a Register… command to the Application menu, allowing entry of a HMM serial number before the demo period expires. This item is enabled when HMM is in demo mode, and disabled after registration.
  • Improved saving in situations where a Plan with the same name already exists.
  • Added one more setting to adjust the Timeout default while backing up a collection. This setting is also used while restoring a backup when a collection is damaged.
Bug Fixes
  • HMM now properly handles errant -609 errors that might happen when telling Helix Utility to quit.
  • The Save Plan/Don’t Save Plan dialog box that appears while closing an unsaved plan now properly saves when the user clicks the Save button.
  • New Plans would have random Helix Utility and Update Collection timeout values. All plans created with earlier versions will have these settings reverted to the default value of 2400 seconds.
  • Test Setup checks for the existence of DropStuff if and only if the user chooses to Stuff backup collections.
  • Errors while trying to reopen the collection are now properly trapped.
  • Errors while trying to open the General Fail Script are now properly trapped.
  • The Registration screen now is a dialog box, and no longer crashes when the user presses the Quit button.
  • Various improvements to menu enabling and disabling.
  • The log file is now correctly created if it could not be found in the specified folder.
  • If the path to Helix Utility and Update Collection is not specified, Helix Maintenance Manager will target the macOS Native utilities that ship with Helix 6.
  • Helix Maintenance Manager would fail to revert a failed collection if there was already a collection in the backups folder that had failed (indicated by a file name ending with ‘corrupt’). HMM now uniquely names corrupt collections when neecessary.
  • General Success tasks (scripts that are executed when both Helix Utility and Update Collection pass) are now properly triggered.
  • A Delete Old Backups After value of 0 would delete every backup, including the most recent one. The most recent backup is no longer discarded.
  • The Delete Plan on Clipboard menu item now displays an error when trying to delete a non-existent Plan.
  • The Test Setup button on the Save panel now properly checks the Helix Utility and Update Collection locations.
  • When running a Plan, the location of Helix Utility and Update Collection are now checked only if Test Setup On Run is checked.
  • The Check Setup Complete dialog (that appears when testing a Plan via the Test Setup button) now properly counts the errors found.
Manual Updates
  • Appendix A includes additional information about the Plan Runtime error log file.
  • Appendix E of manual is now sorted by category.
  • Items in the index that were previously mis-categorized in the symbols section now are properly alphabetized.