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Release Notes

What’s New in HMM 1.0.5

What’s New in HMM 1.0.4

What’s New in HMM 1.0.3

Tech Notes

Bypassing ‘Update Collection OS X’ for Helix 6.2

Creating New Plans in macOS 10.6

TSR6728: HMM Error: “Can't get text item 1 of "" (-1728)” after first launch

TS2130: HMM Scheduler — Plans Do Not Run

Saving Changes in Helix Scheduler

About Backups (and Deleting Old Ones)

Setting up for use with HMM

Triggering a Plan via AppleScript

Additional Settings in HMM

Obsolete Tech Notes

TS1731: A Trim Logfile After value of 0 causes hang (Fixed in HMM 1.0.4)

TS1729: Resolving "The result of the numeric operation was too large" errors (Fixed in HMM 1.0.4)

Using HMM with Helix Server 5.x