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A Statement on using HMM with Helix Server 5.x
A Customer Asks…

I thought the whole point of this application was that it would run unattended, bring down a collection on a network server, log off its clients, run utilities, etc. and then restart the Helix Server.
Have I got this wrong?

Our Reply

You’ve got it right. The point of Helix Maintenance Manager is to do unattended maintenance. However, HMM isn’t really designed for use with Helix Server 5.x.

Helix Maintenance Manager is a macOS only product, and is designed for operation in a macOS world. Helix Server 5 is an OS 9 product, and it can’t be safely run in Classic under macOS. Helix 6 Server and utilities are macOS native applications and work seamlessly with HMM.

Helix Maintenance Manager can be made to work with Helix Server 5.x, but it requires that you understand the fine points of Mac OS networking. We provide example scripts in the manual to show you various methods of accomplishing this. However there is no “one size fits all” answer, so if you want to use Helix Maintenance Manager with Helix Server 5.x, you will have to roll up your sleeves, learn some scripting, and devise a solution that works for you.

Helix Maintenance Manager does work with Helix 5.x/6.x RADE and Engine running in Classic mode.

So, what do I do now?

If you are a Helix RADE or Engine user, you're all set.

If you are a Helix Server user and you aren't proficient in scripting Mac OS networking, your choices are:

  1. Upgrade to Helix Server 6
  2. Learn to write AppleScript
  3. Hire somebody to write scripts for you

Because of the technological issues we’ve outlined, getting Helix Maintenance Manager to work with Helix Server 5.x is not a simple task. One of our goals in building Helix Maintenance Manager was to provide enough hooks so that you have power to customize it to provide features beyond the basic features. You can write extensions to Helix Maintenance Manager in any language (AppleScript, Python, Java, xCode...) you choose, as long as the language creates proper MacOS applications.