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Compatibility Statements
Helix Maintenance Manager 1.0.x is incompatible with Helix 6.2 and later. Plans for future HMM updates are currently under consideration.

Helix Maintenance Manager is not fully compatible with macOS 10.6. Previously created Plans run without error, but attempting to create new ones results in an error. See this technote for assistance creating a Plan for use under macOS 10.6.

Helix Maintenance Manager is not compatible with macOS 10.7 or later. Actually, HMM is compatible, but it relies on Helix Utility and Update Collection 6.0.x, which are PowerPC-only applications that do not run in macOS 10.7 or later.

Helix Maintenance Manager 1.0.5 is compatible with macOS 10.3–10.5 and Helix 5.3–6.1.

Put Proper Maintenance Into Practice
Welcome to Helix Maintenance Manager

The Helix Maintenance Manager (HMM) was designed by Ryan Wilcox and Jared Barden based upon Lenny Eiger's Database Chequer, picking up where Database Chequer left off.

Whether you work on one Helix collection or many, the Helix Maintenance Manager will put your mind at rest.

HMM lets you create a separate QA script for each collection managed by Helix Maintenance Manager, and each can have its own activity log, telling you when your tests were run, what was found, what actions were taken and whether or not the result was successful.

HMM comes with the ability to run both built-in and externally-supplied scripts. One particularly useful script connects to your email and sends you a message with the results of utility run. Got a script that will call your pager? HMM can use it to give you the good news (or bad news) in plenty of time to avoid a catastrophe!

HMM is the macOS solution for coordinating and managing all your Helix diagnostic and backup needs.

Is HMM hard to learn? What can it do for me?

HMM is, on a very simple level, a program that automates the process of running the Helix Utility (HU) and Update Collection (UC) diagnostic and repair tools. But it is really much, much more than that.

A software maintenance management program, it was designed according to three simple concepts:

  1. Always be backed up.
  2. Always be sure your backups are sound from both structural and a data integrity perspectives.
  3. Perform the activities required to achieve these objectives on a schedule.

Some people will find HMM incredibly useful without taking advantage of its scheduling capabilities. It still does it's job admirably. But without scheduling, your idea of backup--whatever it may be--is just a scheme. With HMM, it's a Plan.

In HMM, you create maintenance plans, one for each Helix collection you will be managing. These plans cover how you will back up, what tests will run in what order and what errors will or won't be corrected, what will be recorded in the maintenance log, whether or not you will receive additional notification, what steps to take if diagnostics fail, all at your discretion. Plans provide you options such as what script you might like to run before shutting down access to a server, how the tests are conducted and what to do after they run. You can keep things simple or build in a tremendous amount of additional functionality. It's all in the Plan.

There's a 100-plus page guide that comes with HMM, but don't let it scare you into thinking that HMM is hard to learn. If you run your Helix Utility and Update Collection often, you already understand something of what they do and why you should use them. HMM extends the power of those tools in a way you'll find is actually quite simple to use. Any "complexity," such as it is, comes from navigating your way all the things you can do with it.

At it's very simplest, you can create a Plan that will run HU and UC on a collection, just like you could do in they heyday of Database Chequer.

If you manage more than one Helix collection, you can, of course, create hundreds of such Plans, one for each collection you'd like to manage.

In HMM's Plan setup window, you can select an option that will stop any running Helix applications on the machine where you'll be testing. You can further specify that the collection be relaunched after a successful utility run. You can even specify which backup to use in its place should the collection be deemed fatally damaged by either HU or UC. You can tell HMM to make a copy of the collection before running HU or UC. It can be told to make another backup of the collection after it successfully passes boht HU and UC.

That's already a whole lot more control than you've ever had of this process. Now, tell it when you'd like all this to happen. What time? What day? Which days? What times? In fact, wouldn't it be cool to just open your favorite calendar program and lay out a schedule in as much detail as you need and then somehow hook it up to HMM?

You can. It's easy.

With HMM's helper application, HMM Scheduler, HMM can "watch" your calendar and perform backups and diagnostic runs when scheduled. This way, you can modify the schedule from any calendar that can link to yours without even opening HMM.

If all this weren't enough, HMM can notify you with the results of any Plan's scheduled execution. It can send you an email if it's thumbs up. It can send you an email if its thumbs down. It will scrupulously keep details of its activity for you. It can even delete older information after a user-specified number of days.

But most of all, tt never gets too tired or too busy to do what has to be done.

Now that you're making the move to macOS with Helix, make sure to bring HMM along on the trip. They were meant for each other.

System Requirements

Helix Maintenance Manager requires macOS v10.3 or higher, but can be used to run all the Classic Helix applications v5.2 or higher. As each new macOS product ships, it will be automatically supported by Helix Maintenance Manager.

Purchase Price
Helix Maintenance Manager
Single-Use Licence, Printed Manual, and Installer (CD or Flash Drive) $219.00
Single-Use License Only (Download Installer and Manual) $199.00
Manual Only with Installer (CD or Flash Drive) $25.00

Single-Use License is one copy of HMM per server. Additional copies are $100.00 each. All prices are in US Dollars.
Two (2) USUs are included with each purchase of Helix Maintenance Manager.

How To Purchase

Feel free to download Helix Maintenance Manager and take it for a spin using the 15 day demo mode.

Helix Maintenance Manager is available for purchase via our web store.
Just log in using your Helix Customer Number and click on the "Buy New Products" link at the bottom of the page that shows your registration info.
Helix Maintenance Manager is available as a downloadable purchase or shipped to you on CD with a printed, ring bound manual.