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Test Drive Helix Today!
How Demo Mode Works

SRDTo see how easy, fast, and powerful Helix is for creating applications, or to see how your existing collections will look in macOS before upgrading, take them out for a test drive with any of our applications.

When you launch Helix RADE, Engine or Server for the first time, you will be presented with our new Helix Registration dialog. A sample of this is shown at left from Helix Engine.

The button in the lower right corner will say “Demo License” unless you enter a valid Serial Number and Key, more about which in a moment.

All our products run for a short time — 60 minutes or less, depending on the product and version — in Demo Mode. There are no limitations in Demo Mode: what you see is what we hope you will eventually want to buy: our real product, fully functional.

When the time period ends, you will be thanked for trying Helix and allowed to save your work if you so desire and exit gracefully. At that point, you may relaunch the application to test it again for the same amount of time (and you may do this for an unspecified number of test runs).

We suspect that if you last through a full demo period, you will probably want to stay longer. When you begin to tire of the interruptions, take that as an indicator that you are hooked on Helix. And that point, click the “Purchase” button in the lower left corner of the dialog to buy the aforementioned new Serial Number and Key, or to upgrade your existing license.