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The Helix Code Exchange



The Helix Code Exchange is offered as another way of extending the value of your investment in Helix as a development tool, listing helper applications and code clippings that are for sale in the Helix Store.

Applets leverage the power of AppleScript to add new capabilities to Helix. These stand-alone programs run in conjunction with Helix RADE to provide features that don’t exist in RADE itself.

Code Clippings: While it is quick and easy to build things in Helix, it is also quick and easy to make them into clippings, for quick application to another copy of your collection or a different collection altogether. The Helix Code Exchange is the natural extension of this ability that lets Helix Designers sell their clippings in an open marketplace.

Items in the Helix Code Exchange have been thoroughly tested in Helix and are all certified by us to work as advertised. Each one comes with a set of instructions for its use.

If you have an item you would like to sell in the Exchange, please contact QSA Toolworks to discuss the details.