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Elevate the State-Of-The-Art in Your Collections.

Helix Workbench is a helper application for Helix database designers and supporters. The tools in the workbench are divided into two broad categories:

  1. Tools that speed up repetitive tasks and make them error-proof.
  2. Tools that implement multi-step design techniques.

These tools automate tasks that build on your Helix collection.

What tools are in Helix Workbench?

Helix Workbench contains these useful tools:

  • Prepare user profiles to enable user settings
  • Create/Identify Globals relation
  • Create/Identify user settings relation
  • Create a relation
  • Create a relation from imported file
  • Identify counter and primary key fields
  • Add fields
  • Create lookups
  • Edit abaci
  • Generate abaci from a Select Case statements
  • Add basic abaci to a relation
  • Add indexes
  • Make quick entry forms
  • Make quick reports
  • Create shortcut pulldown
  • Edit color palette
  • Mass font changes
  • User menu and menu item updates
  • Copy fields to inert relation

How does the Helix Workbench work?

To use Helix Workbench, you must have a collection open in Helix RADE, and you must be able to sign in as a user that has Design Mode access to the collection.

After you sign on, the Workbench Dashboard displays a list of the available tools. Select a tool, and press the Run button. It’s that easy.

Where can I learn more?

The complete user guide is available for download via this link.

CLH WAREs provides YouTube tutorials for the various features in Helix Workbench.

Purchase Helix Workbench

Price: $100.00. This price includes all of the tools listed above.

Purchase through the web store.

Helix® Code Exchange: Helix Workbench, ©2014–2015 by CLH WAREs, LLC. All rights reserved.

Version History

2014 Dec 31: 0.55.1 (Initial Release)

2015 Feb 31: 0.60.0:

  • Quick report changes
    • Set option to shade invalid fields to false
    • Narrow template when only a few fields are chosen
    • Adjust labels to size of largest label (or multi-line if > ?)
  • Quick entry changes
    • Set option to shade invalid fields to false
    • Set option to shade default fields to false
    • Set option for a narrow template
  • Generate an abacus from a Select Case statement

2015 Apr 14: 0.70.0:

  • Identify counter and primary key fields
    • Add a validation to ensure that the primary key fields are unique.
    • Add an index for the primary key fields to use
    • Add a field to a relation to be used as a counter.
    • Add an abacus that adds 1 to your counter field
    • Creates a post to attach to entry forms to calculate the counter when records are added.
    • Populate the new counter field for existing records.

2015 Apr 26: 0.75.0:

  • Create a Relation from an Imported File
    • Create a new relation and import data from a data file
    • Supports CSV (comma-separated) and tab-delimited formats.
    • Supports files with or without the first line as column headers.
    • Column headers default to field names.
    • Can specify the field data type for each new field.
    • Can specify which fields are the unique keys for a record.
    • Can specify which fields are indexed.
    • Can specify which field is the counter field.
    • Can specify an additional field to be used as an Active? flag.
    • Can specify an additional field to be used as the counter field.

2015 Jul 3: 0.80.0:

  • Multi-user menu updates
    • Copy new or updated user menus from one user to other user.
    • Add or remove menu items from user menus on multiple users.

2015 Aug 10: 0.85.1:

  • Mass font changes
    • Change the font and size for any rectangle on a template.
    • Change the font and size for all instances of that font on a template.
    • Change the font and size for all instances of that font in a relation.
    • Change the font and size for all instances of that font in a collection.

2015 Aug 12: 0.85.2:

  • Mass font changes
    • Correct error where font was set to blank in some cases.

2015 Sep 23: 0.95.0:

  • Mass font changes
    • Fonts and fontsizes in colored rectangles can now be changed.
    • Rectangles’ background color and foreground (text) color can be changed.
    • Shortcut/pulldowns can be created and added to a template.

2015 Nov 28: 1.0.0:

  • Create a Data Viewer
      Test to make sure there’s an Inert forms relation (and offer to create one). Select the relation with the data to report. Specify the template and view name. Select fields/abacuses for the report and let user resize and reorder columns. Select fields/abacuses to use as filters.
  • Create a Shortcut/Pulldown
    • Changed all references of Pulldown to Popup.

2016 Sep 23: 1.0.2:

  • Compatible with Helix 7


Helix Workbench is produced and supported by CLH WAREs, LLC, an independent developer. QSA ToolWorks is not responsible for any issues that arise from the use of this product.

‘Helix’ used by permission.