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Automate Emailing Printed Forms From Helix

How many times has a customer asked: can you email that to me?

Helix lets you quickly and easily create attractive layouts for displaying your data. Helix users around the world have built tailor-made sales systems that handle everything from the initial quote to the final invoice. Most workflows are rooted in the printed page, but thanks to email and PDF (portable document format) files, it is increasingly common — even expected — that you are requested to email the information to the customer. While macOS makes printing any Helix form as a PDF attached to an email very simple, all you get is a blank email with a PDF attached, leaving you to fill in the customer’s email address, a subject line, and any extra text you want to include.

Helix® PDF-Emailer bridges the gap between Helix and Mail, making the process of emailing a Helix view (printed as a PDF) incredibly easy. Outgoing messages are automatically addressed, with a customized subject and body text. PDF-Emailer can automatically send the email, or give the user control over final review, with the opportunity to further customize the message before sending.

The video on the right gives a quick demo of PDF-Emailer in action.

If your database knows the customer’s email address, any view can be set up to generate a PDF for PDF-Emailer to send.

Installation is simple (Design Mode access required) and integration with your existing collection is straightforward. The PDF-Emailer installer creates all of the basic structure for you, leaving you with only the task of creating a lookup to the field(s) where the recipients’ email addresses are stored.

One setup works across your entire collection and across your entire network. The included PDF-Emailer Client Setup application can be used with all of your Client workstations. No additional licenses needed.

PDF-Emailer was created for Helix Client/Server, but it works with Helix RADE and Engine as well.

How does it work?

Helix® PDF-Emailer is a combination of Helix structure and AppleScript code that work together to automate the communication between Helix and Mail. No knowledge of AppleScript is required, but the code is unlocked, so collection designers with AppleScript knowledge can customize PDF-Emailer to suit their own particular needs. (QSA ToolWorks also offers configuration support as part of our standard User Support policies.)

PDF-Emailer takes advantage of the enhanced print record data that is created in macOS. A Helix view can be configured to automatically generate a PDF and to always save it with the same name, in the same location. PDF-Emailer combines this with Helix’s document management functions and integrated AppleScript data suite to reduce the process to the click of a button.

The PDF-Emailer installer application adds the foundational structure to your existing collection. Once added, the collection designer creates posts from other relations, telling the PDF-Emailer relation which records are being printed, the email address the PDF should be sent. The collection designer can create an elaborate method of creating the subject and body text, or use the simple defaults.

PDF-Emailer uses Helix’s document management capabilities to trigger the AppleScript, which pulls the data from Helix and merges it with the PDF file to create the ready-to-send email.

The complete Installation Guide is found here.

What’s in the Package?

When you purchase Helix® PDF-Emailer you receive a zip file containing all of the code needed to integrate it into your collection. This package contains:

  1. PDF-E A self-contained application that adds PDF-Emailer code to your collection.
  2. PDF-E Client A self-contained application that configures Client workstations to use PDF-Emailer.
  3. A Helix collection that demonstrates how to use PDF-Emailer.
  4. Helper clippings for integrating PDF-Emailer into your own collections.

Note: Helix RADE 6.2.4 or later is required to install PDF-Emailer.

Purchase Helix® PDF-Emailer

Helix® PDF-Emailer is available exclusively through the QSA ToolWorks web store, and is available in two packages:

$299.00 PDF-Emailer and 16 USUs (4 hours) for installation assistance through screen sharing via VNC, Messages, Skype, or TeamViewer. This is the lowest USU price available, so even if you don’t need assistance, you’re getting a great deal on pre-paid support, which can also be converted into payment on future Helix upgrades.

$69.00 PDF-Emailer stand-alone package. Installation and setup support is available via QSA ToolWorks’ standard USU policy.

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