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43 Days of Anticipation

RADE19 December 2013 — When we shipped Helix 6.2.1, 43 days ago, we were so close to having it all, all at once, we could almost taste it. But Apple had just shipped macOS 10.9 (Mavericks was released on October 22nd) and our release found Helix behind the proverbial eight ball once again. Playing catchup with changes in the Mac OS has not historically been terribly much fun for Helix.

However, we also knew that we had a workable plan. It was just a matter of execution. And execute we did. What could have easily developed into another lengthy snow-blind battle was, relatively speaking, easily won. Since the formation of the Helix Recovery Team it took us the better part of a decade to get ‘completely caught up’ to macOS, only to miss that celebratory moment by 15 days.

But in two short months we knocked down that barrier and are happy to announce the first public test of Helix Client 6.2.2, our Mavericks-ready release. To confirm how well we executed, we are asking for you to join us in the HelixChat room tomorrow, Friday, December 20, 2013, at high noon, Eastern Standard Time. You don’t need to be running Mavericks to participate — the Client is compatible with macOS 10.5–10.9 — but if you are eager to see Helix Client in macOS 10.9, here is your chance.

HelixChat 6.2.2: Friday, December 20 at 12:00 PM Eastern US Time (-0500 GMT)

Our public test of Helix Client/Server 6.2.2 starts on Friday, December 20, starting at 12:00 PM Eastern Time. (-0500 GMT for you international users.)

Got it? Good. techdb is already running in Helix Server 6.2.2b3, and to join in this test, you need to download a special 6.2.2b3 Client in order to participate in the HelixChat test (and to do all the other things one does when connecting to techdb). Click here to download the Special Preview Client or, if you need a short tutorial on HelixChat, head over to the techdb page for detailed instructions.

To participate in the test, all you have to do is connect to techdb, open the HelixChat window (keyboard shortcut: F4) and join (or start) the conversation. Feel free to discuss Helix, hats, hockey… whatever you feel like chatting about. The idea is to see how Helix 6.2 performs with as many people connected and as much data flowing as possible.

But be forewarned! There may be crashes of Client or Server. This new version has been vigorously tested, but not on a large international scale. While we never quite know what to expect, that can never stop us from giving it a shot. As we have said before, if there are any remaining major weakness we need to fix, we expect this test will expose them.

We are looking eagerly forward to a positive day on a variety of fronts tomorrow. We apologize for the short notice. Please join us if you can tomorrow at noon!

Helix 6.2.2 and what comes next

It is our intention to release Helix 6.2.2 by the end of this year, barring the discovery of any show-stopping bugs that cannot be fixed in time.

We’ve already begun doing the foundational work for the next major release of Helix and we intend to hit the ground running.

Between now and then, we can at last play a round of the new Feature Game together to start 2014.

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