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Helix 6: Reports From the Field

The most important information and the most exciting information don't always intersect. At those rare moments when they do, they tend to transform each other into the most subjective information.

As we develop Helix, the most important feedback we get is from our beta testers. But once we get a new version out on the street, that role shifts to our customers. Reviewers rarely "get" Helix well enough to provide any kind of informed commentary on how it works. It is in that spirit that we debut "Field Reports," a new page in our Helix 6 section that will provide anecdotal yet (in our humble opinion) well-informed analysis of how the product performs in real-life situations, where it counts the most.

Our first piece is contributed by Helix professional developer Wade Brezina and provides some insights on how the new Helix Server behaves when running on the dual core G5 processor. The confluence of releases—Helix 6, the new Macs and Tiger 10.4.4—can make it difficult to see clearly "to the bottom of the pool," but Wade puts it nicely in perspective.

If you would like to contribute your own story to our Field Reports section, please drop us a note.