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You can log into your customer record with a secure Access Password. If you have never created an Access Password for your account, you can still log in using your Last Name, Company Name, or email address. (If you log in this way, we encourage you to click the Update link and add an Access Password to your record.)

You can also connect to our Helix Server at qsatoolworks.com as Guest and use the Access Password Registration form to create your Access Password.

Once you have created an Access Password, you should use it to log in to your account. This same password is used to access your account and to participate in the features available in techdb.

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Please note that your customer number will almost certainly be different from your Helix Serial number. If all you have is your serial number, contact us directly.

Whether you’re updating your Helix customer information, looking up your software Serial Numbers and Keys, upgrading products you own, or purchasing new products, your must log in. If you’ve never done this before, you should take some time and read the complete instructions.

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In order to maintain security, we record your IP address along with all transaction data multiple attempts to log in to the Helix Account Manager will result in a lock out period. If you are having trouble logging in to our web store, please contact customer service. Suspicious activity will be investigated.

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Security Reminder

Until you create an Access Password for your account, all it takes to log in to your account is your customer number and your last name, so if you share your customer number with anybody, they can probably figure out how to access your customer record, lookup your serial number/key combinations, even change your registration information! In other words, do not give your Helix customer number to strangers! Only QSA ToolWorks’ staff and your consultant (if you have one) should have access to your customer information.

Looking for downloads?

If you have already purchased Helix, you don’t need to log in to get to the downloads page. Just click the Download link at the top of this page.

Can’t Log In?

One of the most frequently asked questions about this web site is “Why can’t I get to my customer information?” Two other questions relate to the same issue:

  1. Why can’t I find my keys?
  2. Why can’t I update my Helix licenses?

If you haven’t contacted us in a few years and haven’t updated your customer information through the Helix Account Manager, it probably won’t be able to locate your customer record in our database. If your current version of Helix is 4.5.5 or earlier, our information is most likely out of date. If your current version of Helix is even older, records for your Helix serial numbers and keys may not linked to your account. If that is the case, you won’t be able to find them and you won’t be able to upgrade until we locate your old serial numbers and link them properly.

If this happens to you, just call us at +1-800-784-7018 and say “I can’t find my keys in your web store.” We’ll take it from there.

Please note that your customer number is almost certainly not the same as your Helix Serial number, unless your last purchase was for a Double Helix branded product.

New York State Businesses
Read This!

New York State tax law states that software purchases are not subject to sales tax if and only if you choose to accept delivery electronically (e.g. download the installers) and do not request a CD. If you do order a CD, the entire sale is taxable.

If you believe our web store is wrongly attempting to charge you sales tax, call our sales office so we can address the situation.

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