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Understanding the Helix Account Manager

When you purchase products through the Helix Account Manager, it walks you through the process of purchasing new products and upgrading your existing licenses. The links found at the top of each page will take you directly to that section of the Helix Account Manager. You can jump around in the process as much as you want. Even leave altogether and come back later.

The Helix Account Manager uses standard cookie technology, making it easy to keep track of the process. (If you click the "Log Out" link all cookies are erased from your computer.)

The Helix Account Manager should be pretty self-explanatory, but below is an explanation of the steps required if you are going to make a purchase.


You must have a Helix customer number to log in to the Helix Account Manager. If you are a new customer and don't have a customer number, you can create a new customer record for yourself by clicking the "New Customer" link.

You also must have an "identifier" to log in. This can be your last name, a word from your company name (4 letters or more) or your full email address. This information must match that which is stored in our database or we won't be able to verify it.

If you are a Helix customer who has not contacted us since 1999, the information we have is probably not complete. If nothing you try works, please contact us so we can update our records.

Once you are logged in, you can take advantage of all of the options found in the Helix Account Manager.


I stopped updating this page here... the rest is really out of date.


The purchase page lists all of the items you have chosen to upgrade and give you opportunity to add new Helix licenses, as well as give you a chance to add non-licensed items (CDs, t-shirts, etc.) to your shopping cart. When you are done adding items to your cart...


The review page lists everything you are about to purchase. There really isn't anything to do here, just confirm that you really want to purchase the things listed here. When you are satisfied that the list is correct...


The Checkout page asks for your credit card information and gives you one last chance to cancel the order. Note: if your credit card company sends your statements to an address that is different than the one listed in your customer record, please enter your billing address (just the street address, not the city and state) and zip code. (We get a lower rate if we have an exact match with the billing address - every penny helps!)
Once you have entered this information, click Complete Purchase and wait while the transaction is processed.


The results of the transaction are shown here. If the credit card transaction was successful, you will see a receipt for the sale, listing your new keys and showing the total charge.
If the transaction failed for some reason, you'll see an expanation instead. If the problem is something you can correct, use the back button on your browser, correct the problem, and try again.
(Note: Internet Explorer users can't use the back button with the Helix Account Manager; all other browsers seem to work fine.)
If you are not sure why the transaction failed, please contact our sales department to finalize the sale.
When the transaction is complete, the form will have a button that you can use to look up your new keys and to download the Helix installers.

Lookup Keys

Your new keys are listed on your receipt, but you can use this button to list your current (and recent) keys. We recommend printing this page and keeping it in your records as a reminder of the Helix licenses you own.


At this point, you are done with the web store. You can click the download button found on any Helix web page to go to the download center to get the Helix installers.