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10 June 2002 — Effective immediately, Helix Technologies has turned the management of day-to-day sales and support operations over to Autograph Systems (Matthew Strange) and Synergy Business Solutions (Gil Numeroff) for the forseeable future.

Going forward, Autograph and Synergy make only the following three promises:

  1. They will help you get what you need in the way of product, upgrade, services and support.
  2. They will provide you with information, even if that information is simply to tell you that there’s nothing new yet.
  3. They will make a conscious effort NOT to raise your expectations unless they believe there is a solid basis upon which to do so.

Please give them your support as we work through the rest of this difficult period. You may contact them both by email or by phone as follows:

Matthew Strange

Gil Numeroff
516.935.9151 (office)
516.946.8254 (mobile)

June 10th Announcement, Long Form

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