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21 April 2003--The path to Helix 6, like the path from 5.0.2 to 5.1, is littered with little discoveries. Many of these are quite unwelcome as they almost always stand somewhere in the way of progress. Some, while seemingly somewhat off the beaten path, smooth the way to the future.

While working on the code this winter, we encountered something that seemed to explain some occasionally odd and unexpected behavior in Helix that have been around for quite some time. As a result, we are today issuing an update to Helix 5.1, called Helix 5.1.1.

This minor update corrects three defects:
1) A code error existed that could cause RADE to crash when setting the format of an entry rectangle to the default value.
2) A code error that could (in rare instances) cause Helix to crash when a view with a subform with a summary operation was open in the background and a post occurred that caused the background summary to reevaluate.
3) A code error that could (in rare instances) cause Helix to lose track of a process, resulting in an apparently random crash.

A few notes on this version
1. If you are working in Helix 4.5.5 or later and are not experiencing such problems as are described above, there is no pressing need for you to upgrade to this version.
2) If you believe you could benefit from using 5.1.1, you have to options
a. You can get it on our download page, where it replaces the current 5.1 products and effectively becomes the current version of Helix, or
b. You can download the patch and apply it to the programs you already have installed.

Patching notes
1) There are two patches:
(a) One patches an installed and enabled copy of Helix 5.1.
(b) The other patches an uninstalled, not-enabled copy of Helix 5.1.

The patcher will ask you where each application in the Helix family is on your computer and applies to each one in turn. Thus, you may patch the one you are using or you may install a fresh copy from a CD or from a download and patch it prior to enabling it.

2) When patching is complete, your Helix folder will contain two icons for each Helix application. The patcher appends a " 5.1" suffix to each of the pre-patched applications. These may be thrown away at your discretion.

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