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24 October 2017 — In case you are out there wondering how the release of Helix 7.0.3 was going, at this writing we are about two days shy of a month into it and with the exception of a handful of annoying (but already resolved) little issues, it is quite safe to say it is going extremely well.

Reports of various degrees of suffering at the hands of previous Helix 7 releases have been replaced in our “progress ledger” by verification that 7.0.3 has successfully resolved those issues and is providing a very satisfying user experience.

But one nagging issue remains, and while it doesn’t have to do with software per se, it is important nonetheless. But as you are about to learn, a big step in the direction of solving that problem has been taken…

A Guiding Light

If you've been around Helix since the Double Helix days, you are probably familiar with the name Jan Harrington. Jan wrote a very successful Helix user guide called Database Management with Double Helix. When the name Double Helix was abandoned in the company management change that occurred back in 1992, the book’s title became Riding the Helix Express, and that name stuck through subsequent product name changes.

Unbeknownst to us until quite recently, Professor Harrington has been diligently updating her guide to reflect the many changes that Helix has undergone since moving out of the Classic workspace into what we now know as macOS. And those labors have borne fruit.

We are thus happy to announce the availability — which some of you have already discovered in our store — of the latest edition of Dr. Harrington’s fine guide to Helix in our web store right now. We’ve added a page to the Code Exchange providing more information, including a link to download one chapter for free.

The next steps

In the last edition of The Latest Word, we proudly challenged users to log into our system and see for themselves how incredible the new Helix Client/Server software was performing.

Unfortunately, right around the time we finished posting our announcement, the speed of our server hardware itself had been compromised, so if you were among those who attempted to jump right in, it is very possible that simply downloading the new Client software was so slow that you gave up and moved on to something else.

Fortunately, that problem has been rectified and our challenge is still at hand. Log in tonight. Have a look around, and see how well Helix Client/Server can work for you, at any distance. And give us a call. We want to hear from you.

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