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2003.04.07--The little heart of Helix 5.1 has been beating for nearly four months now, and there hasn’t been any news from inside the fortress in four weeks. What’s going on?

Helix 5.1 remains a strong, healthy and happy baby. The largest growing pains have been and will probably always be when users come in from older versions and have to adjust to Helix’s new options for using memory.

A great deal of work has been going on to bring things to where you presently find them. While we lately were being beaten about the head and neck by a frustrated person on the Helix discussion list, we were actually hard at work preparing to deliver those parts of his "list of demands" that weren’t already available on our web site. Some of Mr. ZZ’s suggestions were really quite good ones, as you’ll see.

In spite of our failed efforts to talk directly with this person, and his obvious distaste for revealing his true identity and really joining the community, we know he was only seeking what so many have sought from Helix over the years: better communication.

Some weeks ago we mentioned that we were going to create a method for you to give us very specific feedback on issues pertaining to future development of Helix. We’re pleased to announce the creation of the Helix Forums, which you can access from this page by clicking "The Forums" button above. Follow the instructions there to get registered as a Forum user and then please contribute to the discussions.

Before you plunge in, please understand that the Forums are a benevolent dictatorship. What you put there is up to you, but what remains there is up to us. Comments not germain to a particular discussion will be deleted. We need to stay very focused on the issues where we need your input. This is not a place for bugs and features. For that, click "Support," then "Technical." On that page you will find the links you need. If you can’t wait, just click the highlighted words above.

Finally, what message from the front would be complete without news of Helix 6? For that, we’re going to point you to our new Helix 6 page. There you will find out all the news that’s currently fit to print about what’s already been done, what’s going on right now and what’s coming up next..

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