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A good delay, if there is such a thing

10 December 2012 — While great progress continues, there will be no actual Preliminary Release 18 today. But as you will see soon enough, this is really a very good thing.

Among those of you who have been actively participating in the Europa Pioneer program are a brave bunch who venture out periodically into the so-called “interim upgrades,” which are not-completely-tested versions of what is released each month with a few new functions.

If you’re one of those users, you have no doubt already seen some exciting new developments on the Helix template for macOS.

Three lines in the sand

Since we began shipping Preliminary Releases of RADE in June 2011, we have only missed our self-appointed deadlines a handful of times, but each of those misses was accompanied by a great deal of angst.

Not so this time, what with the holidays rapidly approaching. This time, we have seen so much progress in such a short period of time that we decided to blow off today and see how far we could get before the calendar starts showing 2013 at the top of each page.

We enumerated all the functionality we believed was essential to having a template editor that you can actually use in macOS and drew three lines in the sand representing development milestones we hoped to reach before putting PR 18 in your hands.

Even we need to take a break sometimes

But not quite yet. Since giving you your first pass at the macOS template in Preliminary Release 17 a few weeks ago, we have begun piling on the actual functionality, to the degree that two of those aforementioned three lines have already been crossed.

Two weeks ago, seeing the progress we were making, we decided to work through today’s release date and forge ahead. This turned out to be a very good decision because now, not only can you see what your templates look like, but you can already do all of this:

  • You can create all new rectangle types
  • You can delete rectangles
  • You can format the text in rectangles
  • You can add fields and abaci to rectangles
  • You can move rectangles
  • You can resize rectangles

And, as the old saying goes, there’s so much more. And even more to come. So sit tight. We still have not decided what the exact date will be, but before you turn the page on 2012, we will be working on the abacus and you will be able, at long last, to open your Helix collections in RADE in macOS and make any layout change you need to make on your templates.

Stay tuned!

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