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Helix Code Exchange

28 Feb 2014Helix Code Exchange (HCE)

The Helix Code Exchange is a part of our web site where you can find useful tools that will enhance the Helix RADE Design Mode experience.

The Exchange concept was first discussed back in December of 2002, shortly after the introduction of the Helix RADE Clippings menu in Helix 6.1. Then referred to as the Helix Code Library, the project was shelved until 2006 and then again until after RADE for macOS was complete.

Helix Code Exchange Content is divided between AppleScripts and Helix Clippings, available both for purchase and for free. Free products may be downloaded directly from their respective pages in the Exchange section of the site. Purchased products may be downloaded from a link on the invoice after the product has been purchased.

In addition to content provided by QSA ToolWorks staff, anyone may participate in the Exchange, according to the following considerations:

  • All submissions are subject to the approval of QSA ToolWorks, LLC. There are no exceptions to this provision. Upon review of your product, we may require you to make certain modifications to assure its quality when used with Helix applications. Since these products will appear on our web site, we will assume the responsibility for assuring that whatever is offered works according to our standards and does not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. This applies to all submissions, whether offered for free or for sale.
  • QSA ToolWorks, LLC. takes 30% commission for each sale. Your earnings are therefore calculated at Sale Price x 0.7.
  • Payments will only be issued for amounts larger than $50.00 US. All your earnings are credited to your Helix account as redeemable User Service Units (USUs). This means they can be used as any USU can be, and can be applied to product purchases. Once your earnings pass $50.00, we will, at your option, pay you via check for the full amount. Doing this will zero out any redeemable USUs you acquired from Exchange sales and, effectively reset the clock on your sales in the HCE.