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"Investor Credits" and Converting USUs

29 August 2005--If you purchased an Investor T-Shirt, you received a coupon for $100 credit towards a Helix 6 upgrade purchase. Now that we have begun taking orders for Helix 6.0 products, we have issued a $100 "Investor Credit" for each person who made such a purchase. This way, when you purchase your upgrade from our web store, the Investor Credit will automatically be deducted from the sale.

A fairly large number of users who wanted to support our efforts to get to Helix 6.0 also purchased blocks of User Service Units with the understanding that these could be converted to credit for sales later. There are two important restrictions on this process:

First, USUs may only be converted in blocks with the equivalent value of $100.00 (i.e., each Investor Credit equals $100.00).

Second, and most important, only purchased USUs may be converted to Investor Credits. You may have accumulated USUs that were given to you when you upgraded Helix products. Those were given to you for free and thus have no equivalent dollar value. They may only be used when calling for user service.