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Purchase Orders

27 September 2010 (Rev 1)— QSA ToolWorks does not accept Purchase Orders in lieu of payment. However, we understand that some institutions require their use in order to process payments. As such, here is how we accommodate that need:

  1. Upon receipt of an official Purchase Order, we generate an invoice for the products ordered, showing the Purchase Order number so the payment approval process may begin.

  2. We provide two options regarding product registration:
    1. No keys: (Preferable for customers who prefer to go through the installation process only once.)

      With this option, keys are generated only upon receipt of payment; keys are generated and an updated copy of the invoice is sent upon receipt of payment.

    2. Expiring keys: (Preferable for users who prefer to start working as soon as possible.)

      With this option, keys that expire in 60 days are shown on the invoice. When payment is received, a permanent key is issued along with a revised copy of the paid invoice. The permanent key is used to update the installed application, as explained in this technote.

      If payment has not been received by the time the temporary keys expire, the product continues to function, but a dialog box appears at regular intervals, interrupting workflow. Granting a temporary key extension is done solely at the discretion of QSA ToolWorks, and in no case is a permanent key issued until such time as payment in full has been received.

      Note: Each temporary key generated under this option results in one (1) USU being deducted from USUs issued in conjunction with the product purchase or upgrade. See our Technical Support Overview for information on USU credits.

  3. Non-serialized products (e.g. training products, support incidents, etc.) are not delivered until payment is received.