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Password Reset Policy

25 Mar 2015 — Password Reset Policy

Helix provides three levels of collection password protection:

  1. Passwords for Users without Design Mode prevent a user from logging into a custom user menu.
  2. Passwords for Users with Design Mode prevent a user logging into Design Mode.
  3. Collection Passwords require that you enter the password, or the collection will not open.

Level 1 (and some Level 2) passwords can be reset by the end user, either by going into Design Mode and using the User Password… command to set a new password for the user, or by using the Edit Username List command from User Mode, if the collection designer included it on any user menus.

Level 2 & Level 3 passwords can be reset only by QSA ToolWorks, and require that the collection be sent to QSA ToolWorks for processing. Password resets typically take about an hour, and are handled the same as other repair procedures, with the additional requirement that a Repair Services Agreement (link below) must be signed and returned to us before we will return the collection to you. The Repair FAQ page (link below) explains that procedure in detail.

When a password is reset, the collection is returned to you with no password — it is your responsibility to create a new password.

Important: We take copyright and data ownership very seriously. A Helix user, regardless of how he or she became one, is our customer. Some developers sell collections to end users without access to Design Mode. For various reasons, communications may break down between developers and their clients and when that happens, the client has only one recourse: us. We can’t be responsible for what happens between these parties, but we can help them. In all cases, we attempt to determine who the original developer was and to contact them to learn what their position is if there is a dispute over the right to access the collection design.

See the Repair FAQ for more information on the password reset process.

See the Password FAQ for more information on passwords.

Download the Repair Services Agreement for password reset.